Silent Defiance – Sports Icons Shook the World by Protesting the National Anthem Igniting Global Debates on Racial Injustice and Police Brutality

While the USWNT players’ recent decision to refrain from singing the national anthem made headlines, such forms of protest aren’t new in sports. Athletes have long used their platforms to address social issues, whether kneeling, raising a fist, or donning symbolic attire. Here are 15 impactful instances when sports stars protested the national anthem and sent ripples worldwide.

Police Violence

1. Colin Kaepernick Stands Against Racial Injustice Event: NFL games, 2016

In a powerful stand against racial inequality and police violence, Kaepernick kneeled during the anthem, sparking a movement that influenced athletes across various sports.

2. Megan Rapinoe: Solidarity on the Soccer Field Event: U.S. Women’s National Soccer team matches, 2016

Echoing Kaepernick’s sentiments, Rapinoe took a knee to shed light on racial injustice, amplifying the conversation in the soccer community.

3. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s Flag Controversy Event: NBA games, 1996

Deeming the flag as a symbol of oppression, Abdul-Rauf’s decision not to stand during the anthem stirred controversies. It ignited essential conversations about freedom and representation.

4. Miami Heat’s Hooded Tribute for Trayvon Martin Event: NBA game, 2012

In a silent yet powerful protest, the team wore hoodies and bowed their heads during the anthem, reflecting on the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and the more significant implications of racial profiling.

Racial Inequality

5. Olympians Smith and Carlos’ Black Power Salute Event: Olympic Games in Mexico City, 1968

Their iconic raised black-gloved fists during the anthem sent a global message about racial inequality. It remains one of the most potent sports protests in history.

6. Bruce Maxwell Breaks MLB Silence Event: MLB game, 2017

As the first MLB player to take a knee during the anthem, Maxwell’s protest was a significant step for the baseball community, resonating with Kaepernick’s message

7. Women’s Soccer Unites: Seattle Reign and FC Kansas City Event: National Women’s Soccer League match, 2016

Players knelt during the anthem, uniting in their stance against racial injustice and its impact on society.

8. Bundesliga’s Hertha BSC Team’s Collective Stand Event: Bundesliga match, 2017

In an act of global solidarity, the entire soccer team took a knee, aligning with American athletes protesting racial injustice.

Standing United

9. LA Sparks Shine Light from the Locker Room Event: WNBA Finals, 2017

Instead of standing on the court, the team made their statement from the locker room during the anthem, emphasizing the urgency of addressing racial injustice.

10. Marshawn Lynch: Sitting Down to Stand Up Event: NFL games, 2017

Lynch’s choice to sit during the anthem underscored the pressing issues of racial injustice.

11. Eric Reid Joins the Anthem Protest Movement Event: NFL games, 2016

Standing (or kneeling) alongside Kaepernick, Reid used his platform to further the dialogue on racial inequality, continuing even when Kaepernick wasn’t on the field.

12. Brandon Marshall Kneels for Justice Event: NFL games, 2016

Marshall joined the growing list of NFL players taking a knee, echoing the call for action against racial disparities.

Shootings by Police Officers

13. WNBA Players Dress for a Message Event: Multiple games, 2016

Athletes from various teams wore black warm-up shirts, directing attention toward the shootings by police officers and the need for change.

14. Chris Jackson’s Early Anthem Protest Event: NCAA basketball games, 1990

Before gaining fame in the NBA as Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Jackson refused to partake in the anthem as a college player, making an early statement against racial injustice.

15. Società Sportiva Lazio’s “No To Racism” Stand Event: Serie A match, 2020

Players donned shirts proclaiming “No To Racism,” expressing their solidarity and commitment to fighting racial injustice globally.

Bringing Attention to Social Issues

Through their acts of protest, these athletes brought attention to pivotal social issues and paved the way for future generations to use their platforms for change.

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