Silidog Net Worth, Silidog Shark Tank Deal, Founder (Updated)

The company Silidog makes specially designed dog tags. The tags are made from soundproof and waterproof silicone material that will never fade. Moreover, you can choose from a wide choice of colors, ranging from vibrant pinks to dark greens.

What makes this product so interesting is that you can personalize it with a short message that highlights your pet’s individuality. Since the message is printed directly on the tag, it stands out to everyone.

Silidog Net Worth

Silidog generates an estimated $8.4 million in revenue each year (Last Updated 2022).


Silidog was founded and is led by Michael Lickstein. Michael was an experienced businessperson before founding his dog tag company. His first job was as an undergraduate assistant for the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. 

Afterward, he worked as a Business Analyst Team Leader at the Innovate and Tech Licensing Center of the University of Florida before founding Lick’s Clique.

Owner’s story

Micheal got the idea after adopting an abandoned dog. He had fleas and scratched a lot, which led to his tags clashing and jingling. This was the inspiration for no-noise dog tags.

Micheal started his business by making and selling dog tags from his parent’s garage. Within a few months, he had raised over $11,000 for his new company. His ratings were low at first, yet after advertising on social media, the ratings began to rise.

As things began to improve, he was featured on Shark Tank, which earned him a great reputation. To this day, his tags are still selling well, and he is having great success.

Silidog Shark Tank Deal

The Shark Tank Season 8 deal between Lori Greiner and Michael Lickstein was $100,000 for 30% plus $0.50 royalty per unit.