Silver Spoon Showdown: Vet Calls Out Doctor’s Lifetime of Privilege – Was She Right or Just Resentful?

A veterinarian took to Reddit for opinions after telling her friend she was only successful because of the handouts she had received all her life. Did she speak the truth, or did jealousy fuel her rant? Here is the whole story so you can judge for yourself.

She Enjoyed the Privileges of Upper-Middle-Class Life

OP is a 32-year-old veterinarian who has been sorta friends with a 32-year-old doctor since they were little girls.

While OP had to work hard for everything she had achieved, her friend had a much easier road. The daughter of a lawyer and dentist, the other girl went to private schools, took fancy vacations with her family, and enjoyed other privileges of upper-middle-class life.

OP had to work her way through school and still managed to finish on time. Her friend, meanwhile, never had a job until her residency at age 26.

And before that, OP’s friend went to business school but dropped out after a few years. Her parents just ate the cost and told her to tackle whatever she wanted to do next.

… Her Parents Paid for All Her Medical School and Living Expenses

The friend’s parents even helped her land volunteering gigs that OP knows for a fact led to references for medical school.

Of course, the friend’s parents also paid for all her medical school and living expenses. But OP acknowledges that her friend did the hard work of becoming a pediatrician, even if she had the support system most people could only dream about.

Recently, OP and this friend attended a social event in their town. While there, they bumped into several of OP’s buddies from high school.

One of those friends had just finished nursing school and was glowing about the accomplishment. OP was impressed and happy for her old friend; it was a feel-good moment.

“You Can’t Have Been Smart Enough To Get Into Medical School”

But then the pediatrician’s friend returned to OP’s house to hang out for a while, and she had some choice words about the new nurse.

In particular, OP’s doctor friend said that the woman who had just received her nursing degree must not have been smart enough to get into medical school. She then started bragging about herself and reminding OP just how great she was for becoming a pediatrician.

OP was in no mood for that sort of snide conversation, so she told her friend she was being rude and nasty. But the doctor doubled down and said she only spoke the truth.

At that point, OP was furious and told her wealthy friend that she could only make anything of herself because of the handouts her parents gave her for decades. She didn’t have the right to make comments about other people.

Most People Don’t Have Parents Who Can Pay For Everything

No surprise, OP’s friend was offended by her remarks and called her an idiot for downplaying the work she had to do to become a doctor. OP agreed that her friend had worked hard.

But OP also reminded her friend that most people don’t have parents who can pay for everything and make all parts of life so much easier.

The rich friend didn’t want to hear about how privileged she was and screamed at OP again about how much work she had put in.

Now, OP wonders if she was out of line for calling out her friend’s lifelong privilege. But at least part of her doesn’t care if she was too harsh and is happy the truth is finally on the table.

What Do You Think?

Redditors are divided on this story, with many supporting OP’s reaction to her friend’s comments about the new nurse.

They think the veterinarian friend was way out of line for passing judgment on someone else’s big accomplishment.

Others agree that the pediatrician’s comments were awful, but they think OP landed a low blow. They don’t think it’s her place to cut down the work her friend had to do to become a pediatrician, privilege or not.

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