Successful Sister Banned From Wedding When She Refused to Pay for the Reception!

A young woman sparked outrage on Reddit when she refused to pay for her sister’s wedding expenses when put on the spot. She avoided a trap but stirred up family controversy. Here is her full story.

Her Family Resented Her Success

OP is a 28-year-old woman who grew up in a small town. Like many people in her community, her family didn’t have much.

But OP worked hard and was able to put herself through college thanks to a decent mound of student loans.

She landed a good job after graduation, though, and OP is digging out of her debt. She even bought an apartment of her own a few years back.

That purchase sparked a lot of jealousy among OP’s family. Her parents said she was selfish for spending that money on herself and not helping them out.

They Are Constantly Expecting Hand Outs

Now OP’s family is constantly hounding her for money, and most of them consider her to be “rich.” She has even loaned money to her parents, only to have them “forget” that they borrowed it.

When OP asked when they could pay back the money, OP’s parents told her it had been a gift.

These days, OP mostly stays away from home because it always turns into an argument or drama. And family is always trying to grab her money.

Her Sister Was Getting Married

Recently, though, OP’s sister was getting married. The two girls had been close growing up, but their relationship had also been strained after OP left for college.

But OP came back a few days before the wedding to help her sister get everything ready. 

At some point during her stay, OP went with her mom and her sister to the grocery store to get food for the reception. 

OP’s sister loaded up all the stuff she wanted, then the three of them headed for the register. 

Bride’s Credit Card Denied

The bill came out to a hefty $1700, and OP’s sister tried to pay with her credit card. It was denied.

Then the sister tried a few more cards, and they were all denied. OP said maybe her sister could use money in her savings, but the girl snapped at her and said she didn’t have any savings.

Trying to save the day, OP’s mom called her credit card company and found out she had $600 left before she hit her limit.

So OP’s mom said she’d pay $600 and that OP would pay the other $1100.

They Demanded She Prove She Couldn’t Pay

OP was shocked that her mom would volunteer her like that, but she wouldn’t get sucked in. She told her mom and sister that she didn’t have the money.

At that point, the sister demanded that OP show her some proof that she couldn’t pay. She wanted to see that OP had maxed out her credit cards.

In truth, OP could have paid for the groceries, but she knew her sister would never pay her back. So OP just said that she didn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

OP’s sister broke down in tears and said that OP was ruining her wedding. Her mom said that she was humiliating the family in front of the crowded store.

She Was No Longer Welcome

OP had had enough of the drama and walked out of the store and back to her parents’ house. On her way there, her sister texted to uninvite her to the wedding.

That was fine with OP, who got in her car and drove home. But part of her wonders if she should have just paid for the groceries to avoid all the hassle.

Reddit commenters almost unanimously support OP for refusing to pay her sister’s food bill. Many of them think it was a setup all along, with sis and mom conspiring to get OP’s money.

Some advise that OP needs to get more hardcore about protecting her assets from her family, including cutting off contact and freezing her credit.

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