Sister Versus Sister, Who Was in the Wrong?

This tale of family drama is sister versus sister! Our storyteller posted to Reddit, asking if she was the fool for telling her sister that she’s a gold digger, despite her philanthropy. Here’s the story in full.

She Never Relied on Anyone

SP (short for the main protagonist in this story, a 34-year-old woman) has always been independent and hardworking, never relying on anyone to provide for her or her family.

Her younger sister, 30, on the other hand, had married a wealthy businessman and had become accustomed to a life of luxury without having to work for it.

Despite their differences, SP had always tried to maintain a cordial relationship with her sister, even though they were not particularly close.

Recently, SP’s sister had come to town to attend a charity event and had stayed with SP and her family for a week.

Sister Was Rude and Judgy

SP had been looking forward to catching up with her sister, but things quickly took a turn for the worse. From the moment she arrived, SP’s sister was rude and judgmental of the way SP and her family lived.

She had criticized everything from the size of their house to the way they decorated it.

But what really rubbed SP the wrong way was when her sister started commenting on their parenting and household management.

Her sister had told her that it was “sad” that SP’s two young boys shared a room and that her husband having a game room for himself was extravagant.

She Criticized Her Husband

SP had tried to explain that the boys were still very young and didn’t need their own large rooms and that the game room was actually quite modest.

But her sister wouldn’t listen and continued to make snide comments throughout her stay.

Things came to a head when her sister criticized SP’s husband for not spending enough time with their kids.

This shocked SP, as her husband had just worked a grueling 10-hour shift and was already doing more than his fair share around the house.

But She Had a Live-in Nanny and Chef

Her sister had the audacity to suggest that he wasn’t doing enough, all while living a life of leisure with a live-in nanny and chef to take care of her every need.

Frustrated and angry, SP decided to confront her sister the next day about her behavior. She couldn’t stand by and let her sister continue to insult her and her family.

When she brought up the incident with her husband, her sister claimed that she was only trying to help and that she felt sorry for SP having to do so much work around the house.

But SP wasn’t having any of it. She told her sister that she didn’t do anything herself and that all she did was shop and attend charity events while living off her husband’s money!

Things Went off the Rails

That’s when things really went off the rails. Her sister became defensive and accused SP of being jealous of her lifestyle.

She claimed that she wasn’t a gold digger because she donated money to charity and had a job (although SP tells us that she never actually worked).

SP couldn’t take it anymore and told her sister that she was a gold digger, plain and simple. Even if she did donate money, it wasn’t really hers since she hadn’t earned it herself.

The argument ended with her sister storming out of the house and blocking SP’s number.

Gold Digger

Later, SP found out that her sister had told their brother about the argument and that he was siding with her sister, saying that SP was being judgmental and unfair.

Now, SP is left wondering if she was in the wrong in this situation. Was she wrong to call her sister a gold digger, even if she did donate money to charity?

Was her sister right to criticize her family’s lifestyle and parenting choices, or was she just being rude and judgmental?

Reddit users had varying opinions about the situation. Some users believed that SP was wrong for judging her sister and her sister’s husband, who worked hard to provide for their family.

Sister Had No Right

Other users believed that her sister had no right to be rude to SP and insult her family’s way of life. 

While some Redditors pointed out that SP’s husband doesn’t spend enough time with his children, others felt that SP’s sister had a point about the imbalance of household chores between SP and her husband and that he should be doing more.

They believed that considering both of them were working, he should be doing childcare and cooking as well. 

Differing Opinions

Despite the different opinions, most people felt that the argument between the sisters was unnecessary and hurtful.

Her sister’s behavior was uncalled for, but SP’s response was inappropriate. SP needs to understand that charity work is also real and important work, and she should stop being jealous of her sister’s wealth.

What do you think about this story? Who’s in the wrong, in your opinion?

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