Their Sisterly Bond Destroyed By Parent’s Sexist Expectations

A young woman drove Redditors to outrage when she sneaked out on her younger sister. Her parents accused her of playing favorites, but who was the real problem? Here is the full story so you can decide for yourself.

Sibling Bonds

OP is a 19-year-old woman with an 18-year-old brother and a 12-year-old sister.

While she has always been close to her brother, OP has mixed feelings about her younger sister.

Since the little girl came along several years later than her siblings and was a surprise to OP’s parents, she was always a little spoiled.

Not only did OP’s parents treat the baby of the family with kid gloves, but they expected OP to shape her life around her sister.

Life Revolves Around Little Sis

That was especially true once OP’s sister was 4 or 5 and past the toddler stage.

By that point, the little girl was bursting with energy, and her parents were too busy with work and life to handle her. So they constantly turned to OP to pick up the slack.

So, since the time OP was about 11, her little sister has been her constant companion.

And they don’t just hang out, either. OP’s parents expect her to fully care for her little sister.

Third Parent, Not a Sister

Over the years, OP has had to do everything from getting her sister ready for bed to walking her to school in the mornings.

OP wasn’t allowed to have any social life of her own, either. Whenever she wanted to spend time with friends, for example, she had to take her little sister with her.

It didn’t take long before OP started to see the little girl as nothing but a chore. They never had a chance to form a normal sibling relationship because there was so much caregiving involved.

That odd dynamic affected OP’s sister, too, whether she realized it or not. She often told OP that she had a sister-mom or mommy-sis.

Accusations of Lack of Love and Loyalty

It was exhausting and a little strange to OP, and it even made her a little angry.

Part of the most frustrating part was that OP’s parents never expected the same sort of thing from her brother. They said that boys didn’t have any caregiver responsibilities.

All of the added responsibility and constant tagalongs snowballed as OP grew older, and now she feels like she needs to put some space between her and her sister.

So recently, OP and her brother went on a weekend trip with some of their friends. The problem was that they didn’t tell their parents what they were up to.

Excluding Her

And OP also didn’t take her little sister with her, which was always the expectation. 

When OP’s parents found out about the trip, they were furious with her for precisely that reason. They couldn’t even believe she left her little sister behind.

Then OP’s parents went on to accuse her of loving her brother more than her sister.

Sexist Expectations

That was the last straw for OP, and she snapped back at her parents, calling them sexist.

OP went on to explain that if her parents didn’t like the relationship she had with her sister, they had only themselves to blame. By forcing the two girls together for years, they had ruined their sibling dynamic.

OP finished up by telling her parents that she resented having to act like her sister’s parent instead of her sibling.

That didn’t sit well with OP’s parents, and they told her that plenty of kids have to care for their siblings.

Little Sister Not to Blame

Now, OP feels terrible for blowing up at her parents and especially for having less than fond feelings toward her sister. But she’s pretty much done with it all.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s position and think that her blowup was probably long overdue.

Many commenters think OP’s parents have been abusing her and her sister for years and deserve to have their eyes opened.

Some encouraged OP to try and find a way to build a normal relationship with her sister, who is blameless in this mess.

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