Slavery Framed as “Better than Being Killed” – Desantis Backs PagerU’s Rewriting of History for Kids

A series of educational cartoons have left viewers concerned, featured in PragerU’s ‘Leo and Layla’s History Adventures,’ controversially retelling America’s historical moments with one video even referring to slavery as a “Compromise.”

Controversial Cartoons

PragerU’s ‘edu-tainment’ cartoons have ignited a storm of controversy with their bold retelling of historical stories.

The controversial cartoons are part of this PragerU series, where fictional characters interact with historical figures.

A partnership between PragerU and Florida has sparked shock as the organization’s cartoons display disturbing and insensitive views on essential topics, including race and slavery.

The ‘edu-tainment’ content suggested that slavery was a “compromise” and downplayed its severity. It also portrayed Native Americans as “far-from peaceful.”

Linking BLM to Rising Crime Rates

The cartoons also attempt to link Black Lives Matter to increased crime rates, an extremely worrying take on a sensitive situation.

One viral clip features Leo and Layla, two fictional children, traveling back in time to meet Christopher Columbus.

The episode coincides with Columbus Day, which has evolved into Indigenous Peoples’ Day to honor native cultures instead of celebrating Columbus.

Columbus tells Leo and Layla that the Americas “wasn’t exactly a paradise of a civilisation,” and that the Native Americans were “Far from peaceful.”

Slavery Framed as “Better Than Being Killed”

Columbus goes on to call certain Native Americans “Cannibals,” before justifying slavery, “Being taken as a slave is better than being killed – no?”

The partnership between PragerU and Florida aligns with Governor Ron DeSantis’s views on how American children should be taught.

DeSantis’s measures include banning certain books, limiting reproductive health and gender identity education, and attempting to block African-American studies courses.

Pure Propoganda

After the partnership announcement, the educational content sparked criticism across social media platforms.

Numerous individuals labeled the content as “propaganda” and raised concerns about its accuracy.

California Governor Gavin Newsom took to Twitter, condemning the content, “This is the kind of propaganda DeSantis and his friends at PragerU are teaching our children.”

David Heath also took to Twitter to criticize an episode, “​​Frederick Douglass takes a dig at BLM while praising the founding fathers as abolitionists and calling the Constitution a “glorious liberty document.”

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