Sleep-Deprived Dad or Negligent Parent? The Bedside Debate That Tore a Family Apart

A sleepy young father raised the ire of Redditors after he asked his wife if she wanted their baby son to get hurt. Her answer wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. Here is the full story.

He Works Very Long Hours

OP is a 28-year-old man who is married to a 28-year-old woman. They have one child together, a son.

OP works full-time and regularly clocks about 70 hours weekly, mainly on the night shift. His wife works part-time and only on Tuesdays, which OP has off.

Because of the discrepancy in their hours worked OP makes most of the couple’s money. They don’t really need his wife’s income, but she likes her job.

Since OP doesn’t get home from work until 4 or 5 am most nights, he usually sleeps through the morning. That’s fine most days when his wife doesn’t work.

And She Works Each Tuesday

But on Tuesday’s, OP’s wife gets up early to prepare for work. She feeds the baby and then puts him back in his crib.

Since the little boy still hears his mom moving around, he cries until she leaves the house. OP usually doesn’t hear it since he’s a heavy sleeper, but it distracts his wife.

So, the last couple of Tuesday mornings, OP’s wife laid the baby beside him while he was sleeping.

When OP woke up on those mornings, he was shocked to see the baby lying beside him. He was also a little panicked because he knew lying in a full-size bed with a sleeping adult can be dangerous for babies.

He Asked Her To Leave the Baby in the Crib

Concerned for his son’s safety, OP asked his wife to leave the boy in his crib when she left for work like she used to do.

But that idea annoyed OP’s wife, who said he was a bad father for not noticing the baby was next to him and waking up to care for him.

That made OP mad, so he lashed out and asked his wife what would happen if the baby fell out of bed. He asked her rhetorically if she actually wanted the baby to get hurt.

That was the end of the conversation for OP’s wife, who said she would stay with her sister. So she grabbed the baby and stomped out of the house.

He Was Trying To Keep His Son Safe

After a few days, OP still hasn’t heard from his wife, and she’s not answering his texts. He’s never seen her so mad, and he can’t figure out the problem.

All OP was trying to do was keep his son safe, but now it seems he has caused trouble in his marriage.

Redditors came down really hard on OP, with most of them telling him he was a complete idiot to his wife and son.

Should He Have Lashed Out?

They say that he doesn’t get to sleep in now that he has a baby, and many of them want to know how often his wife gets to sleep in.

Some commenters are pretty upset with OP’s wife, too, for leaving the baby with a sleeping adult. But even they think OP is irresponsible and lashed out when he shouldn’t have.

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