Slumberkins Net Worth, Founder, Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

Slumberkins is a toy company that creates plush toys for kids. Together with a Sleepytime Rhyme book or a Positive Affirmation card, the toys promote social-emotional development in a variety of ways, including enhancing awareness, managing transitions, relaxing, and self-confidence.

These plush animals can teach children practices and skills to help them sleep better as well as teach them important life lessons.

Company nameSlumberkins
FoundersKelly Oriard and Callie Christensen
ProductKids’ stuffed animals and books that affirm positivity
Slumberkins Net Worth$8 million (Last Updated 2022)

Slumberkins Net Worth

Slumberkins help parents teach their children early emotional learning through cuddly creatures. A book is included with each creature.

Slumberkins has earned over $8 million since it debuted.


Slumberkins was founded by Kelly and Callie, childhood friends who wanted to target early emotional development among young children.

By learning to sew, they began to deal with different emotional problems, such as bullying and stress. These items were sold on Instagram, which played a big part in their business growth.

It is their opinion that relationships between parents and children, coupled with sensory input, influence a child’s development significantly.

About the Founders

The firm was founded by high school friends, Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen, both now entrepreneurs. Currently, they are co-CEOs of the company.

The career of Callie Christensen started at Evergreen Public School before she joined Camas School District, whereas Kelly Oriard worked at Trillium Family Services prior to joining Portland Public Schools as a school counselor.

Slumberkins Shark Tank Appearance

For 5% of their business, Kelly and Callie asked for $175,000 on Shark Tank. After sharing their story and making their pitch, they exhibited their products to the Sharks. 

Plush toy companies are hard to work with. Several years ago, Daymond suffered a loss in the plush toy industry, so he left the pitch. 

Kevin did not believe that a premium plush toy would be a good seller, so he was no longer interested. Mark was out of the investment because he did not think 5% is enough.

Lori liked the women, but she didn’t like the competitive nature of the plush industry, and she left. Robert told them not to expand, praised them as teachers, and left.

Unfortunately, they were not able to secure a deal on Shark Tank.

Slumberkins After Shark Tank

Slumberkins’ annual sales doubled after they appeared on Shark Tank. They announced in 2018 that a live action series for Slumberkin would be made in collaboration with Jim Henson. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they also established Slumberkins School in 2020. Children do virtual learning with Slumberkins book videos, coloring pages, and activities.

Currently, the company generates $3 million in revenue annually and remains in business.