Snack Shamed for Pringles at Preschool: ‘Healthy vs Unhealthy’ Labels “Start Eating Disorders” Claims Mom as Son Is Forced to Switch Schools

This working mum had a shock when she received a note from teachers on her son’s Pringle tub after school, suggesting that she feeds him healthier snacks, to which she argues that they don’t label snacks as healthy or unhealthy because this leads to eating disorders.

Snack Shaming

Megan Peavey revealed a note on her child’s Pringles cup from his nursery. It read: “Please help us make healthy choices.” 

Furious, Megan shared, “They snack-shamed my three-year-old, they snack-shamed me, by writing that passive-aggressively.”

Megan contacted the school, expressing her concerns about labeling snacks as healthy or unhealthy. 

“We at our house do not label things as healthy and unhealthy because that starts eating disorders,” she emphasized.

Healthy Snacks Only

During a conversation with the preschool’s director, the director responded that it was passive-aggressive of her to keep sending Pringles when parents were asked for healthy snacks.

Megan defended her choice, stating she doesn’t consider Pringles unhealthy, and she always packed a balanced lunch for her son. 

She wished the school had communicated differently rather than writing on her son’s Pringles packet.

Transfering Nursery

The director showed no remorse and informed Megan that her son would no longer have a spot in the summer program. 

Megan felt the decision was uncalled for and disrespectful, leading her to withdraw her son from the nursery.

Megan shared her story of fighting for a child’s well-being and happiness.

Megan explained that as a working mum with a husband in law enforcement, sometimes convenience plays a role in food choices. 

He Missed His Friends

Megan felt heartbroken for her son, who would miss his little friends at the nursery. 

Some TikTok users believe that the school shouldn’t decide what is healthy, “Okay sorry. But a TON of granola bars have more sugar than a thing of pringles…what is their basis?”

Others suggest that the school should never have a say in someone else’s child’s diet, “THEIR opinions on YOUR SON’s food consumptions should not even be a thing. Poor business relations. You’re doing fine without their opinions!”

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