Snorkeling With Corpses: “Tourists Keep Out” – Devastated Maui Residents Beg for Respect and Time to Recover

A family residing in the picturesque paradise of Maui has taken a bold stand, putting up a sign that’s sending shockwaves through the island community.

A Tropical Heaven Destroyed

For ten generations, the Lazo family has called Hawaii home, witnessing the ebbs and flows of time in this tropical haven.

A common sentiment among locals has taken root in the wake of devastating wildfires – a growing frustration with the influx of tourists onto the island, with the Lazo family joining the ranks of those voicing their discontent.

Nestled in West Maui, Lahaina bore the brunt of the recent wildfires ravaging the land, obliterating 80% of its beauty.

Snorkeling With Corpses

Lahaina’s allure as a tourist haven is undeniable, with a staggering two million visitors streaming into its heart every year.

Courtney, a member of the Lazo family, couldn’t help but express her frustration, “You have tourists taking pictures of the destruction in Lahaina while there are still bodies there. They’re snorkeling off the waters while they’re pulling people out of the water.” she said.

Courtney then went on to admit that the sight of tourists enjoying themselves while the people suffer is like “a slap in the face.”

“Tourist Keep Out.”

The Lazo family has taken a remarkable step in response to this painful disparity.

Vance Dizon, Courtney’s uncle, spearheaded the creation of a sign that sends a clear message: “Tourist Keep Out.”

This sign is now prominently displayed on a fence that marks the edge of their neighborhood.

A Close Call

A near brush with death marked Dizon’s journey to crafting this message, which he explained in a shocking Instagram post.

During the wildfires, Dizon and his brother narrowly escaped the raging flames as they “hid behind a seawall in the ocean from the flames to survive.” after admitting that he was “gifted a guitar by a tourist.”

Tragedy struck hard on Maui. Over 100 lives were lost in the fires, and over 300 souls remained unaccounted for.

A Plea to Tourists

Hawaii’s allure as a tourist hotspot is undeniable. With more than 10.4 million visitors in 2019 alone, its charm is far-reaching.

In light of recent events, the Hawaii Tourism Authority has issued a plea, urging tourists to avoid West Maui.

While tensions simmer between locals and tourists, one thing remains constant – the love for Hawaii and its enduring spirit.

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