Son Delights in Humiliating His Know-It-All Father and Brings in an Academic to Deliver Final Blow.

A young man stirred up Redditors when he threw his dad under the bus at a work party. Or did he throw him under an encyclopedia? Here is the whole story.

A Know-It-All

OP’s dad is a know-it-all who thinks everyone he meets is beneath him. OP finds it gets old hearing the man correct people during conversation. And he often looks foolish for it.

For instance, OP’s dad always corrects his mom for little things she says, even though she’s not a native English speaker. Lots of times, Dad is just flat-out wrong about his corrections, too.

And the dad even attacks OP on the sly, saying he’s glad the young man is not going into politics. The gist is that it’s all just too complicated for “someone like” OP.

Those political discussions are especially tough for OP to take because his dad gets most of his information from sketchy news sources.

Questionable Sources

Then, the older man just repeats what he hears or reads without putting any thought into it. OP usually ends up embarrassed to even be in the same room.

In recent weeks, OP’s dad has started learning about the American Civil War. As usual, his sources are questionable at best.

As he’s been reading, OP’s dad has started sharing his new understanding with the family. 

Among the gems that OP’s dad has laid on them is that he would have been a better president than Abraham Lincoln and could have avoided the war altogether.

He Believes He Has It All Figured Out

OP’s dad is convinced he has it all figured out and would have really made a difference in American history.

Listening to his father’s speeches, OP knows he’s wrong on a lot of things. But when he tries to argue, the older man talks over his son and won’t let him speak.

Recently, OP’s dad dragged him along to a work party with coworkers and their kids. OP didn’t want to go, but he had no choice.

During the party, OP found out that a coworker’s spouse was a history professor. Seeing some common ground, OP mentioned that his dad was studying the Civil War.

Pointing Out Flaws

OP’s dad looked like a deer caught in headlights, but the professor managed to get him talking about his studies.

Before long, OP’s dad was spouting his usual nonsense. The professor tried to point out the flaws in his arguments, but the dad just kept pushing on.

At some point, OP’s dad mentioned one of the news channels he watched on a regular basis.

Overhearing the conversation, one of OP’s dad’s colleagues laughed and said that channel was for buffoons. It was strictly entertainment, with no real news involved.

Already on the spot, OP’s dad got really embarrassed when his coworker called him out.

Enjoying Watching Dad Squirm

Eventually, OP’s dad squirmed his way out of the conversation, but he was furious. He pulled OP aside and told him he was an wrong for bringing up the Civil War.

But OP wasn’t trying to cause his dad any trouble. He just thought there was some common ground that his dad and the professor might enjoy.

Redditors are fully on OP’s side in this situation. They think he didn’t do anything wrong and that the only one to blame is his blowhard dad.

Many accused Dad of being a pseudo intellectual, using big words and making things more complicated than they need to be.

Some of them do think OP got a thrill out of watching his dad squirm, but even they can hardly blame him for that.

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