Mystery of Son Hearing Voices Solved: Hacked Baby Monitor Horror

This family was stunned to hear from their very young son that his baby monitor had been hacked. The mother argues that people were watching her son sleep and even speaking to him through the monitor!

Hearing Voices

Influencer Kurin Adele’s TikTok shocker reveals her baby monitor ordeal.

With over 7 million views, Adele’s video left viewers stunned. 

Her son had been unplugging the camera, scared of someone talking to him at night. 

“Someone wakes me up and talks to me, and I’m scared,” he said, leaving his parents terrified.

High Risk for Compromise

Adele and her husband changed the monitor’s app password but then came the shocking message from Owlet, the manufacturer. 

“This password has appeared in a data leak, which puts this account at high risk for compromise. You should change your password immediately.” Said the manufacturer.

Adele disclosed, “Our son thought it was us talking to him.” 

The hacker impersonated the parents, and Owlet never notified them of the breach!

Ditch the Wifi

Fellow parents sympathized as Adele urged everyone to ditch WiFi cameras. 

Eager for answers, the mother-of-two seeks to know who breached their account. 

Adele’s video went viral with over 7 million views, and her story has become a rallying point for concerned parents.

Will the Company Fix the Problem?

Owlet initially responded dismissively, but after witnessing the viral impact, they reached out to Adele. Will their actions match their words?

TikTok users showed their support for the clever son who unplugged the camera, “he’s smart for unplugging it,” one user said.

Others agreed that they never have cameras in their kids’ rooms, “I refuse to have cameras in my kids rooms. Anything can get hacked.”

Do you agree that people should stay away from cameras in case they get hacked? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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