Spam “Attack” Launched at Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers and Tiplines: Armed With – One Star Reviews!

A Gen-Z organization has spoken out against the anti-abortion laws that sweep across more states in the U.S., but is their method of activism legal? Here’s everything we know.

Unmasking Fake Abortion Clinics

Gen Z activists are waging a fierce battle against the assault on abortion rights, deploying an unconventional tool to unmask “fake” abortion clinics.

Following the shocking reversal of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court, access to abortion in certain states is being stripped away, sparking outrage and resistance.

A powerful collective named Gen-Z for Change emerged, boasting over 500 passionate activists, organizers, and creators ready to fight against the anti-abortion laws.

Gen-Z for Change revealed the truth behind crisis pregnancy centers, which deceitfully pose as abortion clinics online without actually offering any services.

“Assault on Reproductive Rights”

Gen-Z for Change Tweeted that they “will NOT stand for the assault on reproductive rights or bodily autonomy,” cementing their stance against the new abortion laws.

The group promised, “We can’t stop abortion bans overnight, but we can make abortion SAFER,” before revealing their game plan.

The group’s initiative, S.A.F.E.R., stands for a plan of action—spamming, assisting, funding, educating, and registering.

They said that “Spam” means to “spam anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center reviews and anti-abortion tiplines.”

Spamming With One Star

Gen-Z for Change unveiled a bold spam tool strategy aimed at exposing deceitful “crisis pregnancy centers” by bombarding them with one-star reviews.

The group also promised to “Assist those who need safely access to abortion” and even “fund local abortion services.”

Another heartwarming message to the public was an offer to “educate people about their abortion laws” so that no one gets in trouble without realizing it.

The final message in the S.A.F.E.R. movement is to remind people to “Register to Vote,” backed up by a Twitter user who argued, “But you can make it legal… VOTE. Vote at every election! Federal, State and local levels!! VOTE.”

Utilizing the Code

The collective called out the lack of transparency from these centers and vowed to use reviews to share the truth behind their fake clinics.

The group equipped users with a powerful weapon—code that automatically sends one-star reviews to crisis pregnancy centers, exposing the truth.

Leading organization Planned Parenthood raised the alarm on crisis pregnancy centers, warning the public against their deceptive tactics and practices.

Donations Role In

Most Twitter users were delighted to see the idea taking place, with countless people replying with “Donated.”

One Twitter user questioned the legality of the spamming idea, “I support the spirit of what you’re doing, but the automated Spam part may not be legal,” they warned.

Do you support their idea of spamming pregnancy centers, or is this a troubling way of protesting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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