“Speaker Trump Has a Great Ring to It”: Could Donald Trump Be the Next Speaker of the House?

In an unprecedented turn of events, Republican Kevin McCarthy has been removed from the speakership, leaving the House of Representatives in a state of uncertainty. This surprising outcome has ignited debates about the future Speaker of the House, with some Republicans suggesting former president Donald Trump.

A Temporary Speaker

With McCarthy out of the picture, Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry has stepped in as the acting speaker, declaring a recess until a clear path forward is determined. However, finding a successor to lead the House Republican majority is a challenging task.

The first order of business for McHenry is to oversee the election of a new speaker. The big question now is, who will House Republicans nominate for the speakership?

Once the Republican nominee for speaker is decided, the House will hold a series of votes until a candidate receives a majority of the votes from those present and voting. This process can be time-consuming, as demonstrated in January when McCarthy required an unprecedented 15 rounds of voting to secure the gavel.

A Radical Speaker of the House

Since McCarthy’s departure, one unconventional proposition suggested Donald Trump for the new Speaker of the House. This prospect ignited intrigue among House Republicans, as Trump himself has neither fully embraced nor dismissed the idea.

Traditionally, the Speaker of the House has always been a sitting member of Congress. Thus, the idea of a former president taking on this role is unprecedented. 

Facing Criminal Charges

Furthermore, House rules currently prevent individuals with felony indictments from serving as Speaker, posing a potential legal hurdle for Trump. The Conference Rules of the 118th Congress say, “A member of the Republican Leadership shall step aside if indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years’ imprisonment may be imposed.”

Currently, Trump has 91 counts against him over four indictments. Together the penalty for these charges amounts to over 400 years behind bars. Nonetheless, some Republicans are drawn to the prospect of Trump negotiating with President Biden. Representative Troy Nehls even nominated Trump for the role.

“We Need an Outsider”

Nehls said, “I think we need an outsider. The idea that we could bring in somebody from the outside because Congress has been broken for so many years, so many decades. Maybe some new leadership with a new vision would be good for the House of Representatives.”

Other Republicans share this enthusiasm. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene believes Trump could become Speaker and eventually reclaim the presidency. Green posted on social media, “The only candidate for Speaker I am currently supporting is President Donald J. Trump. He will end the war in Ukraine. He will secure the border. We can make him Speaker and then elect him President! He will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Prominent Republican Jim Jordan stated, “I want him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but if he wants to be speaker, that’s fine too”; however “Speaker Trump has a great ring to it.”

A Divided Response

In response to this situation, it seems the public is just as divided on Trump becoming speaker of the House as they are on him becoming President. One social media user commented, “He loves to talk, and Speaker is right in the title so it sounds perfect for him. Also, Congress’s approval rating is 17% right now, and that would double overnight.”

However, emphasizing the counterargument, a second user commented, “Not happening. GOP’s House Rule 26 says so. But they can fantasize. Aside from that, with Trump as speaker and also running for POTUS and also defending multiple serious charges and lawsuits, nothing would get done, literally nothing.”

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