‘Spiralling into the Deep State’- He Lost His MAGA Mom to Conspiracy Theories, Could He Get Her Back?

A fed-up man took to Reddit for advice on dealing with his hothead mom. She’s all about conspiracy theories, but he’s over them. Here is the whole story.

Fox News Her Only Source

OP is a 27-year-old man who has always been close with his 66-year-old mom. But the 2020 election cycle brought them to the brink of ruin.

OP’s mom is a conservative, and she totally jumped the shark as Trump’s re-election campaign got crazier and crazier.

The primary source of information for OP’s mom quickly became Fox News, and she bought everything they said: hook, line, and sinker.

Over time, OP noticed that his mom was becoming more and more belligerent with him and the world.

Spouting Conspiracy Theories

And all OP’s mom wanted to talk about were the conspiracy theories cooked up by Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other talking heads.

OP eventually stopped talking to his mom about politics. And he told her that he didn’t think she should get so worked up about silly political ideas.

But OP’s mom didn’t want to hear his objections. And she didn’t even try to respect his wishes about their topics of conversation.

Whenever OP would see his mom, she would shout at him and dive back into the problems of the country, which, of course, she thought were all caused by the liberals.

Spiralling into the Deep State

No matter how hard OP tried to talk about anything else with his mom, all she wanted to do was spiral into the deep state or stew about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It all came to a head when OP’s mom latched onto the idea of a “color revolution” being put into motion by the Democrats.

According to this theory that was being pumped up on Fox, OP’s mom was positive that the liberals had concocted a scheme to steal the 2020 election from Trump.

The idea was that there was a 7-step process in place to overthrow the U.S. government, following the models of Kosovo and Ukraine. OP’s mom was livid.

He Felt Like He Lost Her

She started treating OP like he was the local embodiment of George Soros, taking him to task for every move liberals made.

OP was totally fed up with the situation and tried to deflect his mother’s attacks.

Whenever his mom started in on him about her latest conspiracy theory, OP tried to change the subject. He’d also tell her that he didn’t have any thoughts or opinions on the subject.

But that would usually just set off OP’s mom, and she’d start screaming at him again.

OP wanted to rebuild the strong relationship he’d always had with his mom, but he wasn’t sure how to get through to her. All his efforts had failed.

Cut Contact

And OP was really worried that he couldn’t hold his tongue forever. He knew that if he lashed out at his mom, she might never want to repair their bond.

Redditors mostly expressed empathy for OP’s situation, with many of them having run into similar situations with their own older parents.

Many of them said that the answer for them had been to cut off all contact with their parents, at least for a while.

For OP, it should be a matter of protecting his own well-being and giving his mother consequences if she doesn’t respect his boundaries.

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