Square Net Worth, Wiki, History (Updated)

Square, Inc., now known as Block, Inc., offers financial services and payment services in the US, with headquarters in San Francisco.

Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey founded the company in 2009. Their first platform was launched in 2010.

Since November 2015, the company has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol SQ.

Company nameSquare, Inc.
Now known asBlock, Inc.
IndustryFinancial services, Mobile payment, Point of sale
Founded byJack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey
Founded February 14, 2009
Headquarters  San Francisco, California, United States
ServicesCash App, Square
ProductsDebit cards, Point of sale terminals and auxiliary equipment
Square Net Worth$6.5 billion (Last Updated 2022)

Square Net Worth

Square is worth more than $6.5 billion on the basis of its revenues and earnings.

Square Overview 

Square, Inc. offers credit card processing services. This is a collaborative commerce platform to help sellers get started, grow, and manage their businesses.

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Square’s users can install the Square Point of Sale application, which allows them to process their first transactions easily, in a matter of minutes. 

With its system, sellers get the benefits of next-day payment, electronic receipts, disputes, data protection, as well as credit card compliance.

Additional services include point-of-sale systems, marketing, and financial services.

Square History

In 2009, Jack Dorsey was inspired to create Square after his friend Jim McKelvey was struggling to sell $2,000 worth of glass faucets with no credit card acceptance.

The company was started by Dorsey and McKelvey, who are also co founders of Twitter, and operated from a small office in St. Louis. Square gets its name from its square-shaped card readers.