No Age Limit on Standing up to Bigotry: Young Gamer Bravely Calls Out Buddies’ Homophobia

One brave young boy was applauded on social media for standing up against his homophobic friends while playing a video game. His sister, who he reveals is a member of the LGBTQ community, proudly films his viral rant.

Courage to Stand Up to Homophobia

In two powerful clips, a 12-year-old gamer showcased his courage as he played Call of Duty while addressing LGBTQ+ rights and homophobia with his friends.

During the intense conversation, the young gamer fearlessly questioned one of his friends, asking, “So you just blatantly admit to being homophobic?”

His friend’s response seemingly confirmed this, leading the boy to assert, “You know that this means that I automatically don’t like you.”

Supporting Sis

In a heartwarming moment, the young gamer revealed that his sister, who was filming the conversation, is gay. 

Continuing his brave stand, the boy reprimanded his friends for “not supporting gay people.” 

He emphasized that identifying as LGBTQ+ doesn’t necessarily mean being gay.

The 12-year-old gamer challenged stereotypes, asking his friends, “So you are saying that if you are trans, you are basically just still a guy?” 

Have Some Respect

He urged them to respect people’s identities and choices.

Many users praised the young gamer for his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Users celebrated the young boy, “We must protect this child at all costs. He is the hope of the next generation!”

Future Generation Full of Hope

Another user said they were proud to call this the next generation, “YES SIR. I’M SO PROUD OF THE NEXT GENERATION.”

The video also found its way to X (Twitter), where one user said, “This boy is our future, and it makes my heart happy.”

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