“Stealing Black Culture” – Asian Tea Shop Harassed by the ‘Cultural Appropriation Police’ – You Won’t Believe the Language SHE Used!

One woman walked into an Indonesian tea shop in Colorado only to harass the staff for cultural appropriation for using the name “Trap House,” which she argued is part of black culture. One black man even tried to call her out for her ignorance before she made a shockingly ironic comment.

“Stealing Black Culture”

A viral video captured a woman berating staff members of a boba tea shop in Colorado for alleged cultural appropriation.

The woman expressed outrage over the shop’s name, “Trap Tea, The Boba Plug,” and accused employees, who seem to be of Asian descent, of appropriating black culture.

Accusing the shop of “stealing black culture,” she slammed their alleged appropriation and threatened to expose the store for not being black-owned.

Have a Nice Day Y’all

A male employee remained composed as he responded, expressing gratitude for the woman’s visit, even as she continued her accusations.

A black man then intervened, attempting to calm the woman and maybe even question her theory. 

The woman then cut him off before he could talk and used a shocking racial slur. The irony!

The individual behind the camera is revealed to be Alewia Tola Roba, a recent college graduate from Denver who identifies as Ethiopian.

“Appreciation of Black Southern Culture”

The boba tea shop is owned by Indonesian immigrants and is situated in Aurora, Colorado.

The shop’s name is inspired by “trap house,” an urban slang term used in America.

The shop said in an Instagram post that they chose the name to show “Appreciation of black southern culture and the grind, hustle, and drive that we put into the brand.”

The shop’s management asserts that their brand celebrates cultural appreciation and provides a fresh experience for all to enjoy.

Tea From Taiwan

Bubble tea itself originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has no relevance to black culture whatsoever.

The video was reposted on Twitter by @clownworld, where the woman has received huge backlash for her hypocrisy.

One user argued that she made up the issue, “Some peoples dont have problems on their life so they have to create them.”

One black Twitter user slammed the woman for “giving us a bad name,” by questioning, “You want it to remain exclusive to black people only? Are you wanting to unite? Or is the goal to stay divided?”

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