Stepdad’s Green-Eyed Monster Emerges – He Tries to Bench Real Dad From His Kids’ Big Moments!

A loving father riled Redditors when he revealed that he refused to miss any of his kids’ events. You may not believe who asked him to stay on the sidelines! Here is the whole story.

A Happily Divorced Family Unit

OP and his ex-wife have two kids, a 10-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. Despite being divorced, he and his ex are still close.

What OP and his wife want most is for their kids to be happy and healthy, so they share parenting duties. They don’t even have a formal agreement; instead, they talk through what should happen at any given time.

OP and his ex are also flexible if the kids want to be with a parent other than the one they’re supposed to be with on any particular day.

And, of course, both OP and his ex attend most of their kids’ school functions.

His Ex Remarried

The whole family celebrates holidays together, and OP is even close with his former in-laws. Overall, it’s a great setup that keeps the kids very happy.

Not too long ago, OP’s ex got remarried. OP and the new husband got along for a while, but things changed.

The first time OP noticed anything was at a talent show his son’s summer camp put on.

As usual, both OP and his ex and her new husband showed up. That wasn’t completely out of the norm, since he took off work to support the kids when he could.

Her New Husband Behaved Oddly

But OP could immediately see that his ex’s husband wasn’t happy to see him at the talent show. And when his wife was out of earshot, OP thinks her husband groaned at him.

Not too long after that, OP’s kids decided to stay with him while their mother visited a sick friend. OP could see the new husband wasn’t happy about that.

So OP tried to talk with the guy when he went to pick the kids up, asking him what was wrong. But the ex’s husband just said everything was fine and then clammed up.

The pattern repeated as the months wore on, with OP feeling less and less welcomed at his kids’ functions whenever his ex’s husband was around.

… And Asked Him Not To Attend as Many of HIS Kids Events!

It all came to a head several months later when there was a school function that OP’s ex couldn’t attend. So, the two men ended up being the ones there to support the kids.

When it was over, the ex’s husband approached OP and asked him to stop going to so many of the kids’ events. He said it undermined his ability to form a real bond and family unit with them.

OP said there was no way he would miss his kids’ milestones. The new hubby was clearly miffed and accused OP of purposely interfering.

Later, the kids’ stepdad even texted a list of events he wanted OP to avoid. They included his son’s grade school graduation.


OP repeated that he wouldn’t miss anything his kids were involved with, and that’s when the other man pulled out his big weapon. He said that OP’s ex wanted him to stay away, too.

Of course, since OP and his ex are close, he just checked it with her. She said she had no idea what her husband was up to and definitely did not want OP to stay away from the kids.

Now, OP’s ex-wife is mad at her new husband, and he’s angry with OP.

OP is sorry that there’s all this trouble swirling, but he really doesn’t think he’s wrong for wanting to be part of his kids’ lives.

Is His Ex’s New Husband Jealous?

Redditors overwhelmingly agree with OP and think he is fully justified for insisting on attending his kids’ events.

Many of them say OP’s ongoing friendship threatens the ex’s new husband with her and his jealousy is taking over.

The bottom line is that no one thinks OP should let the new guy try to take over his role as the father of his own kids.

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