Stepsister’s Dream Wedding Crumbles After Shocking Revelation: The Groom’s Twisted Intentions Exposed!

A young woman riled up and creeped out Redditors after she told her parents the truth about her stepsister’s fiance. But is there something she’s still not revealing? Here is the full story.

There Was No Beef Between the Stepsisters

OP is a 28-year-old woman with a 29-year-old stepsister. OP’s mom married the other woman’s dad when the girls were teenagers.

OP and her stepsister have never been close, though there was never really any beef between them. They just weren’t crazy about each other and never clicked.

OP worked in her stepfather’s company from 22 until she was 26. Her stepsister also worked there during those years and still does to this day.

One of OP’s coworkers at the stepdad’s company was a young man whom she became friendly with. All their colleagues thought he had a crush on her and would tease her about it, but he never asked her out.

She Left Her Stepdad’s Company

And OP wasn’t interested in the young man romantically, anyway, so she never thought much about it beyond the gentle teasing at work.

When she left her stepdad’s company, OP kept loose ties with a few of her coworkers, including the young man who had maybe a crush on her. They followed each other on social media, but neither one made contact beyond that.

A few months after OP changed jobs, she noticed from one of the man’s posts that he had started dating her stepsister. A year or so later, the couple got engaged.

More recently, OP went to the wedding of another former coworker. Also attending were OP’s parents, along with her stepsister and fiancé.

She Bolted Back Inside!

OP had learned that her stepfather agreed to pay for her stepsister’s wedding, which was no surprise. So it made sense that they would all attend the coworkers’ wedding together, too.

At the reception, OP thought her stepsister’s fiance was slightly too friendly, but she chalked it up to the alcohol. But when she went outside for some air, he followed her, and they were suddenly alone.

The young man who had been her coworker and was supposed to be OP’s future brother-in-law told her he wanted to be with her. OP immediately told him to back off and that she was super uncomfortable, then bolted back inside.

The next day, OP called her stepsister to tell her about the encounter with her fiance. The other woman was angry and accused OP of trying to sabotage her wedding.

Her Parents Jumped to Conclusions!

OP’s stepsister also begged her not to tell their parents about the incident, and OP agreed.

But a few weeks later, OP was on a video call with her parents. They were talking about her stepsister’s upcoming wedding and mentioned the groom.

OP thinks her expression gave her away, because her parents started grilling her about their future son-in-law. They had seen him follow her outside at the recent wedding reception and jumped to horrible conclusions.

OP told them the truth about what had happened and asked them to keep it quiet. By then, her stepsister and fiancé had worked through it and were moving on.

The Wedding Was Off!

But OP’s stepfather was furious and called his daughter. He refused to pay for her wedding and said he wouldn’t attend because of how her fiancé behaved.

It didn’t take long before OP’s stepsister called her up, chewing her out for breaking her trust and ruining her life. She also posted on social media that her wedding was off and it was  all OP’s fault.

Now, OP is getting attacked by family and friends accusing her of sabotage and worse, and they say she also ruined the ex-groom’s career.

OP feels like she didn’t do anything wrong and that her stepsister’s fiance set the whole mess in motion. She knows she can’t put the genie back in the bottle now, and she’s worried that her family might never recover.

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