“Stop Complaining, Just Quit” – Disturbing Discovery on His Boss’ Car Made Him Question His Position

One LGBT TikTok user has used his platform to expose a shocking bumper sticker on the back of his boss’s car that has offended just about everyone who watched it; now, people are calling for the boss to be fired.

Boss’s Anti-LGBTQ Bumper Sticker

TikTok user Adam (@adamscottmateo) made a shocking discovery on the back of his boss’s car in a viral video.

Adam, who admitted to being part of the LGBT community, works in a restaurant in California, where his boss employed him as a manager.

In a daring video, @adamscottmateo exposed an offensive bumper sticker on his boss’s car, displaying anti-LGBTQ propaganda.

The video’s comments section buzzes with suggestions for @adamscottmateo to unveil his boss’ identity and involve human resources, leading to a potential showdown.

The bumper sticker in question features a rainbow flag with a line crossed through it, with a link to the website of a fascist movement underneath.

“Just Quit”

Although Adam admitted he “may get fired for this one,” he still summoned the bravery to post the video online.

Some comments on the video demanded that Adam quit his job, “Stop complaining, just quit,” one user roared.

Adam shared his financial dependency on his job, captioning a follow-up video with, “Trust me guys, I’d love to quit,” before saying how the price of living in California stops him from being able to walk out.

Adam admitted that “his boss ‘is HR’,” implying there is little chance of winning this fight.

Adam then replied to those suggesting he name and shames the restaurant, saying that he’s not prepared to have a lawsuit on his hands given his financial state.

“Homophobic Piece of Trash”

TikTok has flooded the comments with love for Adam; one even exclaimed, “We love you!!!”

One user even offered Adam a job at her workplace, “What area in CA? My boss is hiring and he’s not a homophobic piece of trash.”

In order to help get Adam out of his upsetting situation, some have offered him money so he can find his feet elsewhere, “Do you have a GoFundMe? I will donate just so you can get yourself out of there. Or cash app.”

It’s unclear what Adam did next in his career, but his boss was never exposed. Was this the right call?

Should Adam have exposed his boss despite his financial worries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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