Stop Relationship Conflict From Defensive Spirals With One Magic Question, Therapist Claims!

This relationship therapist argues that she has the perfect method to stop any argument you may have with your partner. Next time you and your partner are in a disagreement, just remember to ask this simple question.

A Road to Peace

Relationship expert Lauren Consul shares the key to finding peace in your relationship.

In a viral TikTok video, therapist Lauren Consul reveals a simple yet profound question to bring harmony to your partnership.

This method goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Lauren advises couples to try this powerful question the next time they find themselves in the midst of an argument.

The Magic Question

“When your partner gets defensive, I want you to ask this,” Lauren says as she builds the suspense.

When tensions rise, instead of escalating the conflict, pause and ask your partner, “I want to understand what happened there – what did you hear me say?'”

Lauren emphasizes that this question serves a dual purpose, bringing tremendous benefits to the relationship.

By asking this question, couples can communicate better and eliminate misunderstandings.

Don’t Let Them Spiral

By clarifying what you really meant with your partner, it stops the argument from “Spiralling into defensiveness,” Lauren argues.

Commenters could relate to the advice, with one admitting, “Why, when I tell my wife something, she repeats a whole different version of what I said? It’s an everyday thing.”

It Always Works

Lauren calmly replied saying, “Activating/triggering for her so you can address the deeper issue.”

Most users adored the advice, with one simply saying, “I love this.”

Users admit that they have used the technique, and it always works, “Yes. Always, thanks,” one said.

Have you tried this exciting new method with your partner? We’d love to hear if it worked in the comments.

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