“Stop the Invasion”: Desantis Pledges to ‘Finish the Wall’ and Declare ‘National Emergency’ With Threat of Deadly Force at Southern Border if Elected

The governor of Florida has big plans to finally resolve America’s border crisis. Here’s the whole story.

Border Problem

Ron DeSantis posted a video on X promising to be the president who “finally ends the border problem in America.”

DeSantis said he is tired of hearing Republicans complain about our southern border. If elected, he said he would “declare it a national emergency on day one.” 

After declaring a national emergency, DeSantis said he would send U.S. military troops to the southern border to “stop the invasion” from coming in.

With help from the military, DeSantis promised to “lean in against the Mexican drug cartel.”

Deadly Force

In a previous interview, DeSantis said that troops would be allowed to use deadly force against individuals identified as “hostile” drug cartel members.

But how does one know if someone is a “hostile” drug cartel member?

According to DeSantis, “If there’s a woman with a baby, they’re not a cartel member.”

But if someone has a “backpack on” and “they’re breaking through the wall, you know that’s hostile intent.”

Known Lack of Pushback

These are the people DeSantis says the troops will “have every right” to take action against.

DeSantis said cartel members are coming across the southern border now because “they know that there’s no pushback.”

DeSantis said, “If and when” drug cartel members bring fentanyl across the border, “it’s going to be the last thing they do because we’re going to leave them stone cold dead.”

Fentanyl Crisis

At the first GOP presidential debate, DeSantis said the cartels are “killing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens” by bringing fentanyl across the border, and he is “not fine” with it.

DeSantis said young people think they are taking a Xanax to help them get through an exam, but it’s laced with fentanyl, and they die. He claims he will be the president who stops this tragedy in America. 

DeSantis took a jab at Biden, saying he hasn’t “lifted a finger to hold the Mexican drug cartels accountable,” and he “doesn’t care” about the people dying from fentanyl overdose. 

Border Wall Plans

In the video posted to X, DeSantis said he would build a border wall along the southern border. His opinion on the border wall is that it is “good and important” and “needs to be done.” 

In response to DeSantis building a border wall, one person said, “So, basically, he is going to finish what they stopped Trump from doing.”

The comments on DeSantis’ video had mixed reactions. Some supported DeSantis’ stern plan, while others said they were “sick of hearing” from him. 

Stop the Excuses

One person said he believed Ron DeSantis would do “exactly what he said” he would. This person said it was time for “Republicans to stop making excuses and actually stop the influx of migrants.”

Another woman agreed, telling DeSantis, “I know you’ll stop the invasion of our border. I can’t wait until you’re sworn in as president.”

After watching the video posted by DeSantis, one person commented, “The details of your plan sound like Trump’s plan. #DeSaster”

“Remain in Mexico” Policy

Another person said, “We already know that Trump was effective at the border. No reason to reinvent the wheel.”

DeSantis wants to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers, which requires some migrants to wait for their hearing in Mexico. The policy was imposed by Trump and ended by Biden.

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