Stop Yelling! He Witnessed a Guy Tell a Cop Stop Signs Are for Other People. He Was So Entitled!

When it comes to safety, we often take for granted the consequences of our actions. Whether we are walking down the street, driving a car, or simply going about our daily lives, it is important to remember that every decision we make can have a profound impact on those around us. 

An Entitled Driver

This is a lesson that Tim learned the hard way after encountering an entitled driver who thought he was above the law.

In this tale of pitfalls and revenge, we follow Tim as he witnesses a reckless driver ignore safety measures and nearly cause an accident! Luckily for the safety of everyone, retribution was swift!

Tim had always been a stickler for following the rules. He believed that there were rules in place for a reason, and they needed to be respected.

He was one of those people who always followed the speed limit, stopped at every stop sign, and never jaywalked.

He Respected Authority and the Law

His parents raised him to respect authority and the law, and he carried that mentality into adulthood.

One afternoon, Tim decided to walk to the strip mall from his apartment.

He enjoyed the walk, as it gave him a chance to get some exercise and fresh air. He walked on the sidewalks along a neighborhood road that runs parallel to a very busy road. 

Often people get frustrated on that main road and will barrel down the neighborhood road, so the town installed several stop signs and speed bumps along the neighborhood road to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Confusing Signs

As Tim approached the strip mall, he realized that he was about to encounter a nonstandard intersection.

Instead of the usual 4-way stop signs, there were stop signs for traffic on the neighborhood road, but there were no stop signs for traffic coming out of an apartment complex.

There were big signs saying that the apartment complex traffic has the right-of-way, which is necessary because of the way their road curves around a building and climbs a hill.

Drivers cannot see until they are already at the intersection. The speed limit is 25 mph, too.

A Speeding Fancy Car

As he was walking, Tim noticed a fancy car coming from behind him and speeding toward that nonstandard intersection. He wasn’t sure how fast the car was going, but it was definitely more than 25 mph. 

Tim watched in shock as the car blew through his stop sign and almost hit a car that was coming into the intersection from the road that didn’t have to stop.

The driver of the fancy car began to yell and curse at the other driver.

At that moment, Tim saw blue lights come on. There was a cop sitting at the opposite stop sign who saw the whole incident unfold in front of him. The officer got out of his car and walked over to the two drivers. 

STOP Yelling!

He told the fancy car driver to stop yelling and cursing at the other driver and sent the other driver on her way. The officer then began talking to the fancy car driver, presumably to explain what he had done wrong.

At this point, Tim had walked up close enough to hear their discussion. The cop was telling the fancy car driver that he had to stop at that stop sign, but crossing traffic didn’t have stop signs (as indicated by other warning signs).

However, the fancy car driver was irate and said, “I don’t have accidents. Stop signs are for other people.” (He included several curse words that Tim has left out – some directed at the cop.)

That was enough for the cop. He cuffed the fancy car guy and put him into the back of his police car. A little later, when Tim was coming out of a store, he saw a tow truck dragging the fancy car away! 

He Had a Sense of Satisfaction

As he walked back home, Tim felt a sense of satisfaction that justice had been served. He knew that the fancy car driver’s attitude was the epitome of entitlement, and he was glad that the cop had put him in his place. 

Tim also knew that it was important to respect others, especially when it came to their safety. Stop signs are there for a reason, and everyone should adhere to them.

The incident made him realize that people who disregarded traffic laws and showed a lack of respect for others were the ones who put themselves and others in danger.

This incident became a defining moment for Tim, and he vowed to always stand up for what was right and to never tolerate entitled behavior.

Making His Community a Safer Place

From that day on, he made a conscious effort to respect his neighbors and to help make his community a safer place for everyone.

Tim knew that the world would be a better place if everyone did their part and showed respect for one another.

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