Surprising Gift Card Tips – TikTok Reveals Unconventional Gratuity

One worker took to TikTok to show the shocking method some customers have used to tip her for her services. In this viral video, the worker displays a massive stack of gift cards for different companies she received from customers. However, she was even more shocked when she found out how much they were worth!

Unconventional Tipping

This unconventional tip form left server Kaitlyn Best (@kaitlynbest6) stunned.

In a recent viral TikTok video, Best showcases the gift cards she received from customers instead of traditional cash tips.

The subject of tips has taken center stage on social media, with food service industry workers venting their frustrations about customers who refuse to tip or give other forms of gratuity.

In the video, Best displays various gift cards. As the camera pans upward, she reveals the surprising assortment of credits she received.

“If Any of Them Are Visa Cards You Can Add Them All up on Amazon”

Including Taco Bell, Walmart, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Cinemark, Olive Garden, and more. The total value of the gift card gratuities amounts to an impressive $161.70.

TikTok was divided after the realization that customers were tipping using gift cards.

One commenter suggested an alternative use for the cards, “If any of them are Visa cards you can add them all up on Amazon.”

“I would take this over a tip any day lol,” Argued one user in a comment that shocked people.

“The Remaining Balance Was 1.57 I Was Able To Get an Ice Cream After My Shift… I Cried”

Another commenter exposed the dark side of this dangerous tipping method, “When I worked at cafe someone used a gift card, and the remaining balance was 1.57 I was able to get an ice cream after my shift… I cried.”

Would you give out gift cards as a form of tipping? Maybe you think workers should be grateful for the sentiment. We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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