Swipe Left on Morality: Dating App Reveals Dark Underbelly of Modern Romance!

One woman decided to get straight to the point with her matches on the popular dating app Hinge by asking them their most controversial opinions. The boy’s responses sent shocks across the internet as they revealed racism and sexism in a viral 2-minute video on TikTok.

“Intelligence Is Genetic”

TikToker Amanda (@amanda346) recently shared her eye-opening experiment with her followers, and it quickly went viral due to the shocking responses she received from her Hinge matches.

Amanda, determined to save time and weed out the red flags, asked her matches about their most controversial opinions.

In the video, Amanda shared anonymous screenshots of the shocking answers she received, the first attempt being a guy who boldly declares that his most controversial opinion is that “intelligence is genetic.”

When asked if he meant from parents, he replied, “Race based I mean.” In a single exchange, Amanda had already managed to weed out a racist.

He Sent Chills Down Amanda’s Spine

Another match of hers hesitates before revealing his controversial belief. “I hope this doesn’t make you hate me,” he warns, sending chills down Amanda’s spine.

“Men and women are never going to be equal.” As expected, Amanda responds with a sarcastic “Wow, amazing.” Her match needs to justify his opinion, claiming that men and women will never be equal physically.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a truly controversial opinion compilation without the presence of an anti-vaxxer. Amanda stumbles upon a match who responds, “That I don’t care at all about the vaccine :)”

“Bullying Is Good for the Country”

When you thought you’ve heard it all, Amanda’s experiment takes a darker turn. One match believes that “bullying is good for the country.”

One person hilariously commented, “The bullying boy sent it at 6.32 am … he woke up and chose violence.”

Another comment even agreed with one of the boys: “Men and women are different physically” is not a controversial opinion.”

Do you think this was a good way of using a dating app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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