Swoveralls Net Worth, History, Founder (Updated)

Kyle Bergman founded Swoveralls in order to make the world’s most comfortable clothes in an ethical and sustainable way. With over $600,000 in sales to date, this company belongs to 1% for the Planet, meaning the company donates 1% of its revenue to environmental nonprofits.

Company nameSwoveralls
Based onManufacture comfortable clothes
Product on AmazonSwoveralls Overalls
FounderKyle Bergman
Swoveralls net worth$30k (last updated 2022)
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Swoveralls net worth

It has been an incredible journey for Kyle, from the initial idea to the final product. 

At present, the company makes $30k per month, and its goal is to grow revenue to $1 million.

Swoveralls owner

Kyle Bergman founded Swoverall and serves as its CEO. He resides in New York City, teaches adjunct courses at NYU, and is a group fitness instructor part-time. Kyle graduated from Drexel University and has worked in various management roles in the apparel and shoe industries. Even though he was doing well professionally, he wanted to start his own clothing company.

Owner’s story

Bringing two different apparel concepts together into one product is not a good idea most of the time. Kyle Bergman knew exactly what he was doing by introducing Swoveralls to his brand, The Great Fantastic. 

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Kyle left his job in 2018 to launch his own business and ventured out of his comfort zone. In addition to quitting his job and starting a business, he came up with the most unconventional idea, which was to combine overalls and sweatpants. 

Hence, he called it Swoveralls (sweatpants and overalls combined). Kyle’s design instinct proved to be right, and Swoveralls were a big hit with consumers. The standout aspect of Swoveralls was its unisex design made from 100% organic cotton.