Can You Spot the Hidden Symbolism? Hillary Clinton’s Portrait Unveiled – Leads to Speculation and Mockery

The recent unveiling of Hillary Clinton’s official State Department portrait has been ruthlessly mocked on social media. 

Hillary Clinton Portrait Revealed

The portrait, which now hangs at the State Department headquarters in Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C., depicts the former Secretary of State in a green dress set against an American flag backdrop. 

While such unveilings are typically intended to honor and celebrate the individual’s service, Clinton’s portrait has become a focal point for both criticism and ridicule on various social media platforms.

A Vicious Critique

Despite Clinton’s expressed gratitude and pride in sharing her official portrait, the response from the public has been far from universally positive. 

Conservative activist Laura Loomer, for instance, took to social media to ask why the portrait didn’t include a depiction of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ tragic death in Benghazi, Libya.

“Wait. How did they forgot to add the picture of ambassador Christopher Steven’s body getting dragged through the streets of Benghazi, Libya?” she wrote. 

Remembering Benghazi

While it’s important to note that it’s not customary to include victims of diplomatic tragedies in official State Department portraits, this comment shows the deep-seated controversy surrounding Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, particularly in relation to the Benghazi attack.

Other critics have used the unveiling of the portrait as an opportunity to voice their grievances against Clinton. “Remember when you were never president?” one user said. 

Some have said that she should be held accountable for the events in Benghazi, where four U.S. diplomats lost their lives. 

What’s She Looking At?

Beyond these criticisms, the portrait itself has been a subject of discussion. Clinton’s facial expression in the portrait is described as unsettling by some observers, as she appears to be gazing somewhat absently away from the viewer. 

The choice of a light green dress for Clinton contrasts with the bold red stripes of the American flag backdrop. 

This artistic decision, whether intentional or not, has been interpreted by some as symbolizing the incongruity and discord that marked her tenure as Secretary of State.

Speculation About the Symbolism

Furthermore, the mandarin collar and buttons on Clinton’s dress have drawn comparisons to the Nehru jackets favored by leaders of the third worldist movement in the mid-twentieth century. 

These comparisons have raised questions about the symbolism and messaging behind these artistic choices. 

Whether intentional or coincidental, these elements have contributed to the broader debate surrounding Clinton’s legacy and the public’s divided perception of her.

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