Taxpayer-Funded Ohio Youth Center Under Fire – Teaching Kids the World of Drag Sparks Outrage!

In Ohio, the Color+ Youth Center has stepped toward hosting monthly workshops to show minors the art of drag. Here’s the whole story.

Drag Queen Story Hours

Drag queen story hours, where drag performers read books to children, have become increasingly common across the United States.

Hosts say these events seek to expose children to diversity and acceptance, encouraging discussions about inclusion, creativity, and love.

However, critics argue that these workshops might blur the line between entertainment and education, potentially influencing children’s perceptions of gender and identity.

The Color+ Youth Center has introduced this concept by holding monthly Drag Storytimes.

To Teach the Fundamentals of Drag

These sessions feature drag performers reading stories and include workshops that teach the fundamentals of drag.

“In collaboration with Drag Queen Story Hour Cleveland, we offer monthly drag tutorials led by a local drag performer who teaches the fundamentals of drag (makeup, costume design, and performance),” the youth center announced.

While drag queen story hours have generally been well-received, teaching children how to become drag performers has sparked controversy.

Critics argue that such workshops may expose young children to concepts beyond their developmental understanding and question whether involving minors in activities closely associated with adult entertainment is appropriate.

Partially Funded by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

The Colors+ Youth Center’s endeavors are partially funded by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC), a prominent supporter of regional arts and culture initiatives.

CAC derives its funding from a taxpayer-approved tax, and it supports a wide array of organizations that offer cultural experiences to the community.

The controversy surrounding the youth drag workshops has also brought attention to the role of public funding in promoting these events, raising questions about using taxpayer money for activities that some view as contentious.

“They Do Not Have the Interest of Our Youth at All.  Those Are Adult Decisions, Not for Children”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Defund that Youth Center!  Zero funds. They do not have the interest of our youth at all.  Those are adult decisions, not for children.”

Another User wrote, “So I suppose, being a free country and all, that means no one has to attend that they don’t want to, right?.”

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