Taxpayers’ Billions on Border Wall Materials Go to Waste as Biden Holds Secret Steel Auctions!

After taxpayer dollars were used to purchase billions of dollars worth of border wall material, Biden secretly auctioned off the leftover steel. Here’s the whole story.

More Than $300 Million of Steel Wall Components Have Been Sitting and Rusting Since Biden Took Office

More than $300 million of steel wall components have been sitting and rusting since Biden took office. These steel wall components were supposed to complete the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Now, the Biden administration is selling the pieces through an online auction company, GovPlanet. The company has auctioned off several lots of “steel square structural tubes” originally intended to be used as part of Trump’s border wall.

Three United States Senators recently introduced the Finish It Act: Ted Cruz, Roger Wicker, and Joni Ernst.

If passed into law, the Finish It Act would require the federal government to use the leftover material to extend further the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

“Rushing To Get Rid of the Wall Leftovers”

Critics say the Biden administration is “rushing to get rid of the wall leftovers” before passing the law. Senators from all across the US expressed their opinions.

Senator Roger Wicker said the sale of the materials is “wasteful and ludicrous” and that it’s proof the Biden administration has “no shame.”

“Leaving the border open to terrorists while selling border materials at a loss is Bidenomics in a nutshell,” said Senator Tom Cotton.

With crime at the southern border at an all-time high, Senator James Lankford said, “The pennies made from selling the border wall will not be enough to pay the families who suffer from a criminal act committed by someone who crossed our open borders during the Biden administration.”

“Good for Building a Wall”

After the Finish It Act was introduced, business at GovPlanet picked up. An unnamed source from GovPlanet told a reporter, “We are legally not allowed to mention these are the border wall materials, or we could lose our jobs.”

GovPlanet made a post on Instagram showing the “industrial steel tubing” they had for sale. Nowhere in the post did it mention the words “border wall,” but their followers knew better.

One user commented, “Good for building a wall.” Another user asked, “Why don’t you put that up instead of selling it?”

A Jill Biden parody account on Twitter posted, “We’re in a recession, nothing better than a yard sale.”

“Squandered, First Collecting Dust in the Desert and Now Being Auctioned Off”

Representative Juan Ciscomani serves for Arizona’s 6th congressional district. In his district is where the wall components have been stored since Biden took office. Ciscomani criticized Biden’s “refusal to act.”

Ciscomani said the federal government should “utilize every tool in the toolbox” to secure the southern border. Instead of using them for their intended purpose, Ciscomani said the materials have been “squandered, first collecting dust in the desert and now being auctioned off.”

During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he promised to build “an impenetrable, beautiful southern border wall.” During his presidency, 450 miles of border wall were built.

“A Record-Breaking 2.4 Million Migrant Encounters”

When Biden took office, one of the first things he did was stop the building of the border wall. He said Trump’s border wall was “a waste of money.”

During Biden’s first year in office, US Customs and Border Protection reported nearly 1.7 million migrant encounters at the southern border. The next year, they reported a record-breaking 2.4 million migrant encounters.

Twitter user @hinchee_d said the federal government “keeps finding new ways to astound me” after reading about Biden auctioning off the border wall material.

The Materials Were Being Disposed of “In Accordance With the Federal Acquisition Regulation”

When asked, an Army Corps of Engineers spokesperson told a reporter that the materials were being disposed of “in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation.”

The Federal Acquisition Regulation creates a structure for government agencies acquiring and using supplies.

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