‘Taylor Swifts’s New Beau’ Scores Popularity Touchdown – But Will She Click ‘Follow?’

The revelation that Taylor Swift has performed in 20 NFL stadiums this season surpasses the visits any NFL player will make throughout the entire season. Now, the statistics are suggesting that her romance with one player has put him “On the map.”

Taylor’s New Man

Travis Kelce, a highly acclaimed four-time first-team All-Pro tight end, stands as one of the eminent figures in his position, but he’s started making the headlines for a very different reason.

Aside from the quarterback maestro Patrick Mahomes, Kelce is a prominent face in the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty, which has secured three Super Bowl appearances and emerged victorious in two of them over the past four seasons.

Adding to his already illustrious NFL career, Kelce’s stardom received an unexpected boost due to rumors linking him romantically with the pop sensation Taylor Swift.

A PR Success

The TikTok trend suggesting that Swift ‘put Kelce on the map’ resonated with sports fans and even caught the attention of fellow pro athlete Julius Randle from the NBA.

Brendan Kaminsky, the founder of Bknown, a sports social media analytics agency, provided valuable insights into the impact of Swift’s association on Kelce’s social media presence.

Kelce experienced an astonishing surge of over 860,000 followers within a week after Swift’s presence supporting him at Chiefs games.

This surge propelled Kelce towards the remarkable milestone of surpassing four million total Instagram followers.

Popularity Surge

Remarkably, the surge in followers was not limited to Travis Kelce alone; even his brother, Jason Kelce, a player for the Philadelphia Eagles, gained significant Instagram followers owing to Swift’s influence.

In stark contrast, during the same timeframe, no other NFL player gained over 37,000 new Instagram followers, a sign that points to Swift for Kelce’s surge.

By combining the Instagram growth of the NFL’s top 100 list, it became evident that Kelce’s rise surpassed all other players on this prestigious list.

Even Kaminsky admitted he “Blew them away.”

His Playing is Irrelevant

The surge in followers was not confined to Instagram; substantial gains were also observed on X, finally reaching over 1 million followers thanks to Swift’s help.

Kelce’s growth rate even outpaced that of Taylor Swift herself.

The global mega-celebrity boasts over 270 million followers on her Instagram.

Kaminsky admitted that the spike had nothing to do with Kelce’s talents on the field, “The fact that this isn’t about something that Travis Kelce has done at all on the football field, it isn’t about any accomplishments, it’s simply for being him and who he’s dating.”

Caught in a  “Perfect Storm”

Kaminsky termed this phenomenon as a “perfect storm,” a rare confluence of sports and pop-culture audiences fueled by the immense popularity of Kelce and Swift.

Kaminsky pointed out that Swift doesn’t follow anyone on social media, “She doesn’t follow one person on Instagram,” he said, “So let’s say she decided to follow Travis Kelce.”

The natural step in any relationship is to follow each other on Instagram, right? Kaminsky argued this would cause an even bigger spike. “So I think if she decides to follow Travis Kelce, I think that’s going to lead to a lot of discovery for him and another big spike,” he said.

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