Teacher’s 20-Year Work Evasion Exposed – She’s Dubbed Italy’s Most Negligent Educator!

In a shocking case that went viral, a history teacher was dismissed from her position after failing to work 20 years out of the 24 years in service. Here’s the full story.

Is She the Worse Teacher in Italy?

Cinzina Paolina De Lio’s inability to fulfill her teaching responsibilities, which lasted for two decades, has earned her the reputation of the worst teacher in the country.

De Lio’s teaching career was marred by a consistent lack of engagement and disregard for her students.

Over 24 years, she spent only four years actively teaching, often showing up to class unprepared and without textbooks.

According to reports, she used a combination of sick leave, holiday leave, and permission to attend conferences to avoid giving lessons at the school.

Her Students Went on Strike!

Students grew increasingly frustrated by her, leading to a strike after witnessing her texting during oral exams and providing feedback unrelated to their work.

The dismissal of De Lio sparked a prolonged legal battle as she fought to regain her job.

Despite clear evidence of her disorganization and carelessness, a court initially declared the dismissal illegitimate, allowing her to return to her position.

This decision shocked many, as it seemed to disregard the blatant issues raised by school inspectors regarding her improvised and confusing teaching methods.

An “Absolute and Permanent Ineptitude for Teaching”

However, a subsequent ruling overturned the initial decision, stating that De Lio’s dismissal was justified due to her “absolute and permanent ineptitude for teaching.”

The court recognized the severity of her negligence, emphasizing the absence of a logical thread in her lessons and its detrimental impact on her students’ education.

This verdict marked the end of De Lio’s tenure as a teacher.

Italian media attempted to reach out to De Lio for her side of the story. However, she dismissively replied that she was at the beach and refused to answer any questions.

Her Attitude Fueled Public Outrage

Her nonchalant attitude and lack of accountability further fueled public outrage reinforcing the notion that she had little regard for the consequences of her actions.

De Lio’s case has parallels to a similar incident involving a math teacher in Sicily who took extensive time off due to alleged ill health, only to be discovered working as a consultant during that period.

“ Why Did I Never Find a Scheme Like That?”

Several Twitter users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “This woman will go down in history!”

Another user joked, “Were they paid for the 20 years too? Why did I never find a scheme like that?”

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