Teddy Fresh Net Worth, Owner, Company Info (Updated)

Teddy Fresh is an online retailer of fashion and apparel as well as apparel-related products. The company is based in the United States. 

Teddy Fresh has an annual net worth estimated at $50-100 million. Teddfresh.com receives 280,292 unique visitors a month and employs 10 to 100 people. We can classify it as an online retailer.

Teddy Fresh Owner Name Hila Klein & Her Husband Ethan Klein
Number of Employees10 – 100
Order Volume info10000-50000
Commercepedia Maturity Score81/100
Record Coverage↑High
Primary Industry  Online (Internet) Shopping
Net Worth$50M-$100M (Updated 2021)

About Company

Are Teddy fresh clothes of good quality?

They have excellent customer service and superb clothing quality. They were very helpful and responded to my inquiry within 24 hours.

Teddy Fresh’s owner

Hila Klein is the owner and CEO of Teddy Fresh, a high-end streetwear label known for its high-quality pieces. The company was founded by Hila Klein in 2017.

A designer, podcaster, and artist, Hila Klein is Israeli-American. The h3h3Productions and H3 Podcast YouTube channels that she created alongside her husband Ethan Klein, as well as the streetwear brand Teddy Fresh, are some of the things that she is known for.

Comedy videos, vlogs, and pop culture commentary are featured on their Youtube channel. Her channel’s success led Hila to open the merchandise store, Teddy Fresh.

Teddy Fresh: Inspiration

Teddy Fresh draws inspiration from nostalgia, and Hila Klein reflects her own style in it.

While Hila Klein was shopping a few years ago, she noticed that there were fewer items that she liked to wear.

She noticed there was a shortage of “colorful and playful clothing” among adults, but there was an abundance of it among children’s clothing and vintage items. This prompted her to start her own clothing line.

The reason for the name Teddy Fresh

She and her husband Ethan Klein loved the name Teddy, so she decided to call it Teddy Fresh. In addition to being their two-year-old son’s name, it is also their nickname for each other. They have always liked it. “We kind of thought of a cool teddy bear” She said, “We just said Teddy Fresh.”

Teddy Fresh designs

Teddy Fresh’s designs feature colorful prints, graphic tees and hoodies, as well as pieces inspired by the 90s. Featuring men’s and women’s clothes mixed together, oversize pieces with plenty of denim, the line reflects Klein’s own personal style.

Teddy Fresh Collaborations

To date, Teddy Fresh has collaborated with SpongeBob SquarePants, Ripndip, and Care Bears to name just a few. A new collection has been created in collaboration with Looney Tunes. 

Consequently, Klein has deemed this collaboration her favorite so far since it reflects her love of the 1990s.

Teddy Fresh net worth

Klein’s clothing has been a huge success since their first collection launched in October 2017. Many of their pieces were sold out shortly after their release.

Today, Teddy Fresh is estimated to have a net worth of $50-100 million, which is quite a fortune.