Teen Faces Religious Dilemma – Forced Into Religion Lessons Despite Non-Belief, Sparking Heated Family Conflict

In a recent Reddit post, a user grappled with religion and her parents. Here’s the whole story.

She Didn’t Believe in God

Coming from a religious European country, Sarah, aged 14, dealt with the burden of conforming to religious norms.

Despite living in a predominantly Christian community, Sarah never believed in God, even from a young age.

Attending church was an obligation imposed upon her by her parents, whom she felt obliged to appease.

Sarah’s reluctance towards religious practices culminated in her confirmation of an event she had no desire to participate in.

She Felt Betrayed and Vulnerable

After the ceremony, Sarah mustered the courage to share her truth with her mother, who believed in God but did not strictly adhere to religious customs.

To her dismay, Sarah’s mother disclosed the information to her father despite Sarah’s explicit request for confidentiality.

A strained parent-child relationship with her father further complicated matters, leaving Sarah feeling betrayed and vulnerable.

Things took a turn as September approached, and Sarah faced another challenge of taking religion lessons in the new school year.

… And Refused To Participate in Religion Lessons

In her country, children require parental consent to be exempt from these lessons.

Resolute in her beliefs and desires, Sarah refused to participate in the religion lessons to her mother.

But, her mother insisted that she had to attend, despite her beliefs.

The disagreement quickly escalated into a heated argument. Sarah expressed frustration at the lack of respect for her autonomy and choices.

She Asserted Her Rights!

Throughout her life, Sarah had always felt uncomfortable during religion lessons, knowing that she did not believe in God.

She yearned to pursue different activities that aligned with her interests and convictions.

Attempting to convey her stance on the matter, Sarah asserted her right to make her own decisions. She emphasized her belief that she was mature enough to understand her own wants and beliefs.

Amid the emotional confrontation, Sarah’s parents accused her of not caring about their feelings. They labeled her as a selfish and spoiled brat.

Fictional Religions?

As the argument reached its climax, emotions ran high, and Sarah was in tears, voicing her opposition to no avail.

Sarah took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for her choice, and several Redditors sided with Sarah, saying that she was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA. It isn’t something you feel in your heart, and sitting in a classroom isn’t going to make you feel different about it.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. During the classes, start asking questions about other religions, especially older ones, and bring up fictional ones as well.”

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