Textbooks “Doused in Fuel,” – Christian Parents ‘Burn Not Ban’ in Stand against LGBTQ+ and “Marxist” Indoctrination

In a strong display of opposition, Christian groups in Mexico have taken to the streets to protest new textbooks with LGBTQ+ content introduced by the Ministry of Public Education. Here’s the full story.

Christian Parents Gather

The concerns center on what parents perceive as an ideological undercurrent, specifically citing elements of sexual and gender content.

Reports indicate that thousands of parents affiliated with various Christian organizations gathered in protest across Mexico.

Aguascalientes, one of the Federal Entities of Mexico, saw over 12,000 attendees, while Chiapas, a state bordering Guatemala with a significant Evangelical Christian population, witnessed a similar demonstration.

Burning Books

In Chiapas, parents went a step further, staging a symbolic burning of the controversial textbooks.

A media outlet reported, “At the elementary school in Chiapas… parents in the community piled up boxes of the new textbooks, doused them with fuel, and set them afire.”

The root of the matter lies in the content of the newly introduced textbooks.

Marxist-Communist” Indoctrination

Parents argue that they contain elements of what they label as “Marxist-communist” indoctrination, as well as a focus on gender ideology.

This has led to a massive movement, exemplified by a petition with over 112,000 signatures, demanding the immediate cessation of textbook distribution.

The core argument is that such content has been included without appropriate parental consultation, infringing upon their rights as primary stakeholders in their children’s education.

“Misinformed and Manipulated”

In the face of this significant public outcry, President López Obrador addressed the protestors, expressing his belief that they had been “misinformed and manipulated” by a politically motivated agenda.

He dismissed the notion that the textbooks harbor any form of ideological indoctrination, saying that they have been meticulously curated by qualified educators and experts.

While acknowledging that improvements could be made, he attributed much of the outrage to what he termed as “politicking,” indicating a larger political agenda at play.

Free Education

The government highlighted its commitment to providing free, high-quality education, contending that the textbooks are a product of extensive expertise and dedication to the country’s educational progress.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Finally parents waking up and making the right decision for their children’s lives. If I were a parent I would bring destruction at a whole different level but I’m not a parent so they are lucky.”

Another User wrote, “Fun fact, those states are the least developed places, where girls are still being sold, yes sold as products, and married before 18 years old. They accept populism but are afraid of communism.”

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