“The Beginning of Communism!”: Trump Outraged Over No Jury in Fraud Case

Former President Donald Trump, embroiled in an ongoing fraud trial, made headlines on October 4th when he expressed outrage over not having a jury for his court proceedings. Here’s the full story.

Trump Vents Frustration

Speaking to reporters outside the Manhattan courtroom, Trump vented his frustration and likened the situation to the “beginning of communism.”

While Trump’s legal team had previously waived his rights to a jury trial, he laid blame on Statute 63(12) for the lack of a jury.

“A lot of people say, oh, that can’t be possible, somebody didn’t check a box. That’s nothing to do with it,” Trump said to a gathered crowd of journalists.

“Under 63(12), you are not entitled to a jury. It’s the first time it’s ever been used for a purpose like this. Never been used. They used it on me. The former president, the leading candidate.”

“They’re Coordinating With Washington, 100%”

Trump went on to share his belief that the ongoing trial was connected to his leading position over Joe Biden, saying, “I’m leading Joe Biden by a lot, which is probably why this is still happening. No probably, it’s definitely.”

“They’re coordinating with Washington, 100%,” he added.

“They’ve weaponized justice in our country. This trial is a disgrace. Never happened, a thing like this has never happened before. And it is simply — I put it in financial statements with a disclaimer. In other words, don’t even bother reading them to the banks,” he continued.

“This Is a Railroading”

The former president further defended himself, saying, “I borrowed the money. I paid back the money in full, 100%. There were no defaults. There were no letters of reprimand. The banks were extremely happy, and in many cases, I gave the money back early. And then I got sued years later, by this horrible attorney general, this woman that ran for governor and failed.”

Trump continued by expressing his confidence in winning the case if a jury were involved saying “But if I had a jury, we’d win this case very easily, but I don’t have a jury. And you see, what’s happening. This is a railroading. And it’s the beginning of communism in our country. This is the beginning of communism.”

The Fraud Trial for $250 Million

The legal battle in question stems from a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2022, seeking $250 million from Trump and his two adult sons.

Judge Arthur F. Engoran later found them liable for fraud and revoked the Trump Organization’s business licenses.

The trial, aimed at determining the damages Trump must pay, commenced on October 2.

Trump Slams the NY Attorney General

Following the initial ruling, Trump vehemently criticized Letitia James, labeling her “racist” and “corrupt” for allegedly presenting “misleading” information to Judge Engoran regarding the case.

Trump urged James to redirect her focus, and said, “She should start looking for the murderers and the criminals, the violent criminals all over New York. Do something about all of the illegal migrants pouring into our city and state, and not spend the next six months in a courthouse because she’s been caught early.”

“Her numbers are fraudulent. She’s a fraud. Her numbers are fraudulent. And this case should be dismissed. They ought to get on to violent crime and solving the problems of New York City and New York state,” he added.

Is Communism Better Than Trump?

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “When you remain in power, you loot the country’s treasury and when you come in opposition, you have to face the court. Now this kind of fashion has become popular in every country.”

Another user added, “Communism may be better than the Theocratic, Oligarchical, Autocracy that Trump would give America if he’s elected.”

A third user commented, “Trump couldn’t define communism or socialism or Marxism if his life depended on it. Neither could any of his supporters. They don’t really exist as concepts for him, they’re just dog whistles.”

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