The Biden Dynasty Is Under Fire – Is Hunter’s Scandal the Tip of the Iceberg?

Recent polling suggests that the ongoing inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the collapse of his plea deal are significantly impacting public perception. Here’s the whole story.

The Fox News Poll Into Hunter Biden’s Illegal Activities

According to a recent Fox News poll conducted from August 11-14, 50 percent of respondents believe that Hunter Biden has engaged in illegal activities related to his foreign business dealings.

This is a noticeable increase from 44 percent in April 2023 to 37 percent in February 2023.

Notably, this trend is reflected across party lines, with Democrats’ suspicions of Hunter’s actions increasing from 9 percent in February to 19 percent in the current poll.

Independents’ belief in his alleged wrongdoing has risen by 20 percent, while Republicans’ belief has increased from 69 to 80 percent.

38 Percent of Americans Believe That the President May Have Engaged in Unlawful Activities

The rise in suspicions is intertwined with the aggressive investigations led by House Republicans into the Biden family’s activities.

These investigations, focusing on Hunter Biden’s business dealings, have been aimed at uncovering potential improprieties and legal infractions.

The investigations surrounding Hunter Biden have also fueled suspicions that extend to his father, President Joe Biden.

While 38 percent of Americans believe that the president may have engaged in unlawful activities, this percentage has remained relatively stable since March, hovering around 36 percent.

The Rejection of the Plea Deal Added Yet Another Layer of Complexity to the Already Convoluted Narrative

The efforts of House Oversight Republicans to link President Biden to his son’s business dealings have contributed to this ongoing perception.

Central to the growing doubts is Hunter Biden’s plea deal rejection. Just three weeks ago, Hunter Biden turned down a plea deal that would have resulted in lenient consequences for alleged tax evasion and lying on a gun form.

The pivotal moment came when the presiding judge informed him that he could still be prosecuted for future wrongdoings, mainly due to failing to register as a foreign agent.

This decision to reject the plea deal added yet another layer of complexity to the already convoluted narrative.

Leveraging the Biden ‘Brand’

Adding to the mix, Hunter Biden’s associate, Devon Archer, recently testified that Joe Biden had communicated with Hunter’s business partners approximately 20 times over 10 years.

Archer did not claim that he had heard President Biden explicitly discussing business matters. However, he suggested that the presence of the then-vice president was enough for Hunter to leverage the Biden ‘brand’ in dealings with foreign executives.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

“Such Behaviors Are One of the Attributes of Career Criminals!”

One Twitter user wrote, “He certainly does have a reel of pseudonyms or sobriquets. Some of his known Also Known As (AKAs) include The Big Guy, PedoPete, Brandon, Joey, and Robert L Peters. Such behaviors are one of the attributes of career criminals!”

Another User wrote, “Anyone who doesn’t believe that the Bidens are criminals of the highest degree, and the Democrat party is the enemy from within is clueless.”

A third user commented, “Frankly, just send both Biden and Trump to jail at this point. We deserve better than both of them.”

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