The Dark Secrets of Paradise – An Influencer’s Horrifying Encounter with Animal Cruelty in Thailand’s Shadows

A TikTok influencer learns a hard lesson while travelling to Thailand too late, and warns others not to make the same mistake as her. 

Animal Abuse in Thailand

Rory Eliza, a popular Australian influencer with 6.9 million followers on TikTok, has recently shared a tearful and heartfelt video in which she warns others about a “cruel” tourist activity she unknowingly participated in during her holiday in Thailand.

In the emotional clip, which has garnered a staggering 7.8 million views, Eliza recounts her desire to hold a monkey while visiting Phuket and her subsequent quest to find a place that offered this experience.

According to Eliza, one travel guide deliberately avoided her question, while another recommended a particular location. Following the suggestion, she reluctantly paid an entry fee and gained access to as a “Monkey Show.”

“If You’re in Thailand, Phuket, Don’t Pay for This, Don’t Support This”

When the doors opened, she was met with a sight that left her utterly shocked and regretful. In her video, she passionately pleads with her audience, saying, “If you’re in Thailand, Phuket, don’t pay for this, don’t support this.”

She expresses her wish to know about the cruelty involved beforehand, emphasizing her remorse for unknowingly contributing to it.

Eliza describes her distressing experience of holding a baby monkey during the show, revealing the monkey’s evident fear and discomfort.

In the accompanying footage, a small monkey with a collar around its neck and a metal chain is seen being pulled by an unidentified man.

The Baby Monkey Was Screaming in Distress

Eliza recounts how the baby clung to her every time the man attempted to take the monkey away from her, screaming and hissing in distress.

The image of the chain being pulled around the defenseless animal’s neck only made the situation more heart-wrenching.

With tears in her eyes, Eliza passionately appeals to others not to support such exploitative activities. She regrets her lack of knowledge and expresses her refusal to contribute further to these animals’ mistreatment.

She recalls that as she was leaving, the organizers asked her for monetary support to care for the monkeys, to which she firmly responded, “Absolutely not, I don’t support anything you’re doing here.”

She Was Deeply Affected by the Distress She Witnessed

Overwhelmed by her emotions, she left the venue in absolute tears, deeply affected by the distress she witnessed.

Later, Eliza took to Instagram to share her video, accompanied by an extended caption in which she fervently called for an end to this “repulsive, disgusting” activity.

She admits that her initial intention was merely to hold a monkey, inspired by what she had seen on TikTok. She acknowledges her lack of awareness and understanding, having never been to Thailand before.

While many people thanked Eliza for speaking out and raising awareness about the issue, others criticized her for not conducting thorough research before participating in the activity.

“The Way He Was Pulling the Chain and the Baby Was Trying To Stay With You Was Heartbreaking”

Some praised her for enlightening them about the cruelty involved, causing them to reconsider their own plans to engage in similar experiences.

“You have a heart of gold I wish every human was like you this video breaks me,” someone sympathetically wrote.

“The way he was pulling the chain and the baby was trying to stay with you was heartbreaking,” another added.

A few individuals questioned her initial belief that paying to hold a wild animal was acceptable, highlighting the inherent abuse present in such interactions.

“Do People Not Understand That if You’re Holding Wild Animals and Paying For It the Animals Are Being Abused”

“Do people not understand that if you’re holding wild animals and paying for it the animals are being ABUSED,” one viewer countered.

“How did u not know backpackers have been speaking up on this for YEARS,” another said.

Rory Eliza’s emotional revelation serves as a cautionary tale, urging travelers and tourists to be diligent and informed about the ethical implications of their activities while visiting foreign destinations, with a particular emphasis on avoiding activities that contribute to animal cruelty and exploitation.

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