The Deacon Made His Wife Cry on Their Wedding Day, so He Sought Revenge Against the Church

Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life – a celebration of love between you and your partner. So when a man found out that his wife and sister had been brought to tears by the church deacon just minutes before the ceremony, he knew he had to get revenge.

The Happiest Day of His Life

The day of the original poster’s (OP’s) wedding should have been one of the happiest days of his life. After all, he was marrying the love of his life and surrounded by his friends and family.

However, what should have been a perfect day was ruined by a deacon at the church where they were married.

His wife had always dreamed of getting married in a church, so despite his own reservations, he agreed to have the ceremony in a church to make her happy.

A Horribly Unforgettable Experience

Little did he know that it would lead to a horribly unforgettable and infuriating experience.

Everything seemed perfect as the OP and his bride walked down the aisle, surrounded by friends and family. The ceremony went smoothly, and they exchanged their vows with tears of joy in their eyes. 

But after the ceremony, they were talking to the guests, and the OP noticed that his sister, who was part of the wedding party, was teary-eyed.

Concerned, he approached her and asked why she was crying. She wouldn’t budge, but he knew something was wrong. 

The Deacon Made His Wife Cry

It wasn’t until later that he found out his wife had also been crying before the ceremony. The reason why? His wife had been told by a Deacon that she couldn’t walk down the aisle because she didn’t have a veil.

Just moments before she was supposed to say, “I do,” she was told that she wasn’t allowed to proceed without a veil.

The OP was fuming with rage. How could someone ruin his wife’s special day like that? He was sure that his sister’s tears were likely due to the same Deacon.

The OP’s anger burned deep within him. He wanted to make a scene, to confront the Deacon right then and there, but his friends advised him to let it go and deal with it later.

The Rest of the Day Went Smoothly

So he put on a brave face and continued with the wedding, determined to make the best of the day for his wife’s sake. The rest of the wedding day went smoothly, with everyone enjoying the festivities and celebrating their love.

However, once the honeymoon was over, the OP decided to take action. He went to the church not once, not twice, but three times.

He calmly, but with a seething rage inside him, went to the front office and demanded to speak with someone in charge.

As a lawyer, he was no stranger to arguing, and he used every legal skill he had to express his outrage and demand justice for his wife and sister.

He Would Not Back Down

The OP refused to back down until he got answers. He demanded that the Deacon receive punishment, that he apologize face-to-face, and that there be some form of repercussion or retribution for his actions.

He wouldn’t rest until he saw justice served. Despite facing resistance and pushback from the church staff, the OP persisted, fueled by his determination to make things right.

Months went by, and the OP continued his relentless pursuit of justice. He repeatedly visited the church, sent emails, made phone calls, and refused to let the matter go.

His persistence paid off. The church eventually informed the OP that they had fired the Deacon! And they also told him that this Deacon had had a “reputation,” whatever that meant.

The Church Fired the Deacon

The OP felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing that his efforts had resulted in the Deacon facing the consequences for his actions.

Through his tenacity and an unwavering pursuit of justice, the OP had not only achieved vengeance for his wife and sister but also helped bring to light the Deacon’s questionable reputation. 

He couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief and satisfaction in knowing that he had made a difference and held the Deacon accountable for his misconduct.

Looking back, the OP is still angry about what happened on his wedding day, but he’s glad that he was able to mete out some vengeance.

He Needed to Be &*)T%^*& Over

His sister still hasn’t told him what made her cry that day, but he thinks that it was the Deacon’s actions that had caused her pain.

Redditors loved this guy’s story. One user said, “Yeah, employees that have a ‘reputation’ need to be &*)T%^*& over.

Congrats on getting that done. There are too many of them in the world that get away with this kind of rubbish without repercussions.”

What do you think of this story? He seems to have had good intentions, but should he have got the Deacon fired?

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