The Decline Under Biden? 18 Concerning Actions and Decisions of the Current Administration

President Joe Biden’s administration has been the subject of praise and criticism. Critics have pointed to various actions and policy decisions that they argue have negatively impacted the country. Here are 18 such points, though it should be noted that opinions on these subjects vary widely!

18 Ways Biden Has Surrendered the USA

#1. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Critics argue that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was poorly executed, leading to a rapid Taliban takeover and humanitarian crisis.

#2. Border Policy

Some believe that changes in border policy have contributed to increased crossings and overwhelmed immigration facilities.

#3. Inflation Concerns

Critics blame the administration’s fiscal policies for rising inflation, though economists differ on the causes and solutions.

#4. Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic

Though vaccination efforts have expanded, some critics argue that the administration’s messaging and policies have been inconsistent.

Energy Policies Have Faced Criticism for Potential Job Losses and Energy Independence Concerns.

#5. Gun Control Efforts

Some Second Amendment advocates have expressed concerns over the administration’s gun control proposals and executive actions.

#6. Foreign Policy with China

Critics argue that the administration’s approach to China has not been sufficiently strong to counter the nation’s influence.

#7. Relations with Russia

Some believe the Biden administration has not been firm enough with Russia on cyberattacks and Ukraine.

#8. Energy Policies

Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and other energy policies have faced criticism for potential job losses and energy independence concerns.

Law Enforcement Advocates Worry That Efforts to Reform Policing Could Lead to Reduced Public Safety

#9. Tax Proposals

Critics argue that proposed tax increases on corporations and wealthy individuals could negatively impact economic growth.

#10. Healthcare Plans

Some are concerned that the administration’s healthcare proposals could increase government control and inefficiencies.

#11. Voting Rights Legislation

Critics argue that federal voting rights legislation undermines states’ ability to manage their election laws.

#12. Police Reform Efforts

Some law enforcement advocates worry that efforts to reform policing could lead to reduced public safety.

The Administration’s Climate Policies Could Negatively Impact Industries Like Fossil Fuels Without Sufficient Alternatives

#13. Education Policies

Critics of the administration’s education policies argue that they may diminish school choice and local control.

#14. Federal Debt

The administration’s spending proposals have led to concerns from some about the increasing federal debt and potential long-term economic consequences.

#15. Climate Change Policies

Some critics argue that the administration’s climate policies could negatively impact industries like fossil fuels without sufficient alternatives.

#16. Executive Overreach

Concerns were raised about using executive orders to bypass congressional approval.

The Administration’s Handling of Conflicts in the Middle East Has Not Been Sufficiently Robust or Effective

#17. Handling of Middle East Conflicts

Critics argue that the administration’s handling of conflicts in the Middle East has not been sufficiently robust or effective.

#18. Labor and Union Policies

Some business advocates worry that the administration’s labor and union policies could negatively impact economic competitiveness.

The 18 points outlined above represent some of the criticism and concerns directed at the Biden administration from various perspectives. It’s essential to recognize that these points can be highly contentious, and views will differ widely depending on political beliefs, values, and interpretations of the facts. Engaging with various sources and viewpoints is essential for a nuanced understanding of these complex issues.

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