The Disrespectful United States Women’s National Team Players Had a Duty To Uphold Patriotic Standards and Sing the National Anthem. Get a Grip!

In a recent Women’s World Cup Group E game against the Netherlands, several players from the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) stirred controversy by choosing to remain silent during the singing of the national anthem. Here’s the full story.

They Had a Duty To Uphold Patriotic Standards

During the anthem, as many as six players opted to keep their arms at their sides or behind their backs, refraining from singing the national anthem.

This action immediately drew a barrage of criticism on social media, with many branding it as “embarrassing” and “disrespectful.”

Critics argued that the USWNT, as representatives of their nation, had a duty to uphold patriotic standards and demonstrate respect for the anthem.

Players like Andi Sullivan, Sophia Smith, Naomi Girma, Emily Fox, Trinity Rodman, and Crystal Dunn continued their silent stance during the anthem.

World Cup Protests

This act of protest initially began in their opening World Cup game against Vietnam and was intended to serve as a stand against social injustice.

Defender Girma shrugged off the criticism, emphasizing that players have the right to express themselves and make choices according to their beliefs.

Captain Lindsey Horan, striker Alex Morgan, and goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher chose to sing the anthem with their hands over their hearts before the game against the Netherlands.

Despite the controversy surrounding the protest, the USWNT performed well, drawing 1-1 with the Netherlands, with goals from Horan and Manchester City’s Jill Roord.

She Expressed Her Disdain for the Players’ Actions

Prominent journalist Megyn Kelly was among the most vocal critics, expressing her disdain for the players’ actions.

She said, “I really do believe their version of what a feminist is, what it means to be an empowered woman, at least as an American woman, means you need to hate your country.”

Kelly’s strong words resonated with many who viewed the players’ actions as a betrayal of the nation and its values.

“It’s sad when only a few players show respect during the national anthem. And many question why Americans are rooting for a U.S. loss,’ one user wrote on Twitter.

“The World Stage Is Not the Place To Try and Push Your Agenda”

Another user added, “The world stage is not the place to try and push your agenda, it is where you display pride and togetherness. Go USA!”

A third user commented, “What this team just did when the Anthem played was disheartening and disgraceful, especially compared to Team Portugal.”

In contrast to the widespread criticism, there were supporters who defended the players’ right to protest in their own way.

“Get a Grip and Start Talking About Solutions”

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova came to their defense, stating that the players demonstrated their commitment to their country by giving their all on the field and achieving consistent victories.

She wrote, “They are defending it by playing their hardest and winning most of the time. Not by singing. Get a grip and start talking about solutions rather than searching for problems where there aren’t any.”

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