The Embarrassing Reason Why Trump Refused to Wear a Mask During the Pandemic

One of Trump’s former aides has revealed in her book the real reason why Trump refused to wear a mask. His claims that masks didn’t work were, in fact, lies to hide this secret!

Secret Comes to Light

In a tell-all book, the real reason Donald Trump rarely donned a mask during the pandemic came to light. Trump’s former aide Cassidy Hutchinson revealed the rather feminine factor that made Trump hesitant to wear a mask.

Details emerged about a key event in May 2020 where Trump opted not to wear a mask, even in a mask-manufacturing facility.

Before the event, Trump tried wearing a white mask, but what happened next was rather embarrassing!

Vanity Won

Trump’s makeup posed a challenge, leading him to ditch the mask idea after a revealing observation. As he noticed his bronzer on the mask straps, Trump was less than pleased with the cosmetic inconvenience.

Trump’s frustration at the makeup-masking conundrum triggered his refusal to wear a mask during critical times.

Millions Followed Suit

Trump’s reluctance to wear a mask became a media focal point, unaware of the cosmetic reasons behind his decision.

Millions of Trump’s followers followed suit, neglecting masks and not comprehending the depth of his vanity-driven choice.

Trump, however, claimed a different reason for his no-mask stance, emphasizing the importance of projecting strength and invincibility.

Rudy Giuliani Also Exposed

Cassidy Hutchinson’s book is already grabbing attention for shedding light on Trump’s mask enigma along with a shocking revelation about Rudy Giuliani on January 6th. 

Hutchinson’s account included an alleged incident involving Rudy Giuliani, adding another layer of controversy. Rudy Giuliani refuted the claims against him, fueling the fire surrounding the revelations.

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