The Fury of a Bride. Her Future Mother-In-Law Swapped Out Her Wedding Dress Because It Didn’t Match Her Vision!

A stressed-out bride-to-be recently stirred up Redditors when she revealed that her groom had exchanged her wedding dress for one that his mom picked out. Here is the full story of a flap that divided two families.

She Was Looking Forward to Their Wedding

OP is a 28-year-old woman who is set to marry her 33-year-old fiancé later in the year. They have been working through wedding plans for a while, and it’s been pretty stressful overall.

A big part of the problem is that OP’s future mother-in-law wants to be involved every step of the way. She keeps telling OP that she has a specific “vision” for her son’s wedding.

Up until recently, OP was able to keep the situation under control and work through any small disagreements with her fiancé or his mother. But when it came time to pick out her dress, all hell broke loose.

OP was already planning to take her own mother and some friends along to shop for her dress, and then her future MIL insisted on coming along, too. That cramped OP’s style a little, but it was really no big deal, so she said OK.

Her Fiancé’s Mom Hated Her Choice of Wedding Dress

Luckily, OP found what she considered to be the perfect dress for her, and her friends and mom agreed wholeheartedly with her choice. But her fiancé’s mom had other ideas.

The future mother-in-law picked out a dress that OP considered to be a little creepy, and that she certainly didn’t want to wear to her wedding. But the older lady said it was part of her “vision” for the ceremony.

OP tried to be polite, and she thanked her mother-in-law-to-be for taking the time and care to chip in her opinion. But OP explained that she had already picked out what she considered to be the perfect dress.

OP bought her dream dress, and the party headed home. She didn’t think any more about the conversation with her future mother-in-law until that evening.

Because It Didn’t Go With HER ‘Vision’ of the Wedding

Apparently, the older woman had given her son an earful about her afternoon out with OP.

When he got home that night, OP’s fiancé was upset and ranting about how she had mistreated his mother. He said that she should just honor his mom’s wishes since the two dresses were so similar, anyway.

OP said that the dresses weren’t at all similar and that she had found the dress she loved, end of story. They argued a little bit more and then dropped the conversation.

Once again, OP thought the issue was behind her until she got home the next day.

Her Husband-To-Be Had Swapped Out Her Wedding Dress!

OP was shocked to find that her wedding dress was gone, replaced by the one her future mother-in-law had visions about. When OP confronted her fiancé, he admitted to making the swap.

Needless to say, OP was livid, and they argued fiercely that night. OP ended up leaving the house to go stay with a friend.

When she told her parents about the dress swap, OP’s mother was furious. But her dad said she should just suck it up and go with the flow to keep the peace.

Now both sides of the family are filled with turmoil, and OP wonders what the right path forward is.

The Bride Should ALWAYS Choose Her Dress!

Reddit commenters overwhelmingly think that OP should get to choose her own dress.

And most of them think her future husband was a total idiot for going behind her back to swap out dresses.

Several of them think OP should cancel the wedding and run for the hills. Even the ones who don’t go quite that far warn that this could be a preview of her married life.

So, what do you think of this story?

Did OP overreact about the dress swap?

Or was she justified in feeling betrayed by her fiance?

And what do you think OP should do next?

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