The Generation Poised to Render Us Obsolete – Are You Ready to Go Head-To-Head With Your ‘Digital Twin?’

Gen AI’s rapid progress in the manufacturing industry is not only affecting white-collar jobs but also threatening blue-collar positions, as automation and digital twins change the nature of work.

Gen AI’s Impact on Blue-Collar Jobs

Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) is rapidly transforming industries and not just threatening white-collar jobs.

Gen AI’s swift advancement is affecting the manufacturing industry through automation and changing operational processes.

Automation, predictive maintenance, and quality control are revolutionizing manufacturing operations.

Smart transport robots and automated guided vehicles have started to replace tasks handled by humans.

Replacing By Technology

Gen AI is capable of managing more complex operations currently performed by humans.

Gen AI models act as digital twins for production lines and plants.

These digital twins can run simulations without the need to halt operations or operate expensive pilot plants.

Gen AI’s expansion into computer vision and multimodal capabilities threatens blue-collar jobs.

Impact on Blue-Collar Jobs

Digital supervisor twins could capture the knowledge and expertise of experienced workers, reducing the need for multiple employees.

AI-powered quality tools can monitor and optimize production yield, reducing the necessity for quality assurance jobs.

Gen AI’s advancements could put hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide at risk due to automation.

Manufacturing firms are among the early adopters of AI technology.

Labor Unions and Labor Shortages

AI can be a tool to address labor shortages, helping industries combat workforce challenges.

As labor unions representing blue-collar workers recognize AI’s impact, it may become a key point in contract negotiations.

AI’s influence in labor negotiations could resemble Hollywood actors and writers’ strikes.

AI’s dual role as a threat to jobs and a solution for labor shortages is changing the employment landscape.

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