The Girl on the Train. He Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone and Creepily Followed Her Throughout the Train Complaining That She Was Entitled

A young woman moved Redditors to outrage when she related a run-in she had with a strange man on the train. Get ready to be creeped out by her full story!

She Had a Harrowing Solo Train Experience

OP is a single 30-year-old woman who had a harrowing experience on a recent train ride alone.

On the day in question, OP was riding alone in a 4-person compartment. There were two seats on one side and two on the other.

Because the train was pretty empty and because OP was sitting alone and wanted to stay that way, she spread out. She put her bag on the seat next to her, then put her feet up on the seat across from her.

Before the train got rolling, a middle-aged man stepped on board and made his way to OP’s compartment. He stood in front of her and told her bluntly to move her bag.

She Felt Creeped Out by His Presence

OP was surprised by the demand and wanted to make sure she had heard the man correctly. So she asked him if he really wanted to sit next to her, and he said he did.

So OP reluctantly moved her bag, and the stranger sat down next to her as promised. At that point, OP might have felt creeped out, but she was more just annoyed that this man was cramping her space.

So, since there were hundreds of free seats on the train, OP picked up her belongings and found another empty 4-person compartment. She sat down, placed her bag next to her, and was about to prop her feet up again.

Before OP could relax, though, the same man showed up in front of her again. And he again demanded that she move her bag so that he could sit down.

He Followed Her and Said She Was Entitled!

But OP wasn’t so quick to give in this time. She told the man that he had specifically asked for the first seat, so she saw no reason why he should be looking for a different seat now.

Then OP asked the man why he wanted her seat, and he told her it wasn’t about the specific seat at all. He wanted her to move her stuff because she was acting entitled and apparently thought her bag deserved a seat of its own.

OP had had enough and told the guy that she had already moved once for him, and she wasn’t going to do it again. There were plenty of open seats, so he should go find one and leave her alone.

He called her an a-hole and stomped off to another part of the train, which is what OP was hoping would happen.

His Behavior Was Odd

When he sat down again, OP heard him talking to someone on the phone, griping again about all the entitled people around him.

But as OP reflected on the situation, she started to wonder if she had really done something wrong that just didn’t occur to her.

And the stranger’s odd behavior didn’t sit all that well with OP, either. That’s when she took to Reddit to see what others thought.

Stranger Danger

Most commenters were pretty creeped out by the man’s behavior and said that OP might have been in danger.

OP doesn’t think the guy was going to hurt her or anything, but some Redditors pointed out that you never really know what might trigger someone else.

For the most part, though, commenters think the guy on the train was a full-on creep who had no right to hassle OP for nothing.

Especially since the train was nearly empty.

So, what do you think of this story?

Did OP do something wrong by spreading out in the empty train compartment?

Or was the strange man just trying to pick a fight? Or could he have been up to something more nefarious?

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