The Governor’s Sinister Epstein Connection Exposed – He Pressured Attorney General Amidst Sex Trafficking Scandal!

Former Virgin Islands attorney general reveals she was pressured by the governor to issue a travel waiver for Jeffrey Epstein, amidst JPMorgan Chase Bank accusations.

“Can You Favor Convicted Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein?”

A former prosecutor, who faced a sudden dismissal by the U.S. Virgin Islands governor, has revealed that the governor pressured her to favor convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Denise George, who served as the Virgin Islands attorney general until the end of 2022, testified under oath that Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. personally contacted her to request a waiver from travel restrictions against Epstein.

George testified that Bryan “Was telling me that, you know, Jeffrey Epstein wants to have this waiver of the travel requirements, and that he said that his attorneys will be contacting me, and encouraged me to meet with the attorneys to consider it.”

Vincent Frazer, the Virgin Islands attorney general from 2007 to 2015, had previously granted Epstein a waiver from in-person reporting requirements, significantly reducing the notification requirement.

Waive Sex Offender Requirements

Court documents revealed that Frazer permitted Epstein to inform authorities 72 hours before leaving the Virgin Islands, accepting email notifications.

Epstein’s legal team argued that in-person notifications would be excessively burdensome due to his frequent business-related travel.

A 2012 Virgin Islands law allowed the attorney general to modify or waive sex offender requirements for specific reasons, such as frequent business travel.

Following complaints from Epstein’s lawyers, Frazer further reduced the notification time to a mere 24 hours.

“He Was Flexing His Political Influence”

However, Acting Attorney General Carol Thomas-Jacobs reversed this decision in 2019 due to lack of evidence. George took over as attorney general later that year and was approached by Bryan.

George reviewed Department of Justice records and found no evidence supporting Epstein’s eligibility for waivers or relaxed restrictions.

“I realized there was some political maneuvering that [Mr. Epstein] was doing,” George commented on her interaction with the governor.

“That by itself indicated to me that he was flexing his political influence over or with the governor in an effort to get a favorable result in what I considered to be definitely a law enforcement issue by the attorney general,” she continued.

Bryan Denied Giving Epstein Special Treatment

While George pondered the request, the governor texted her to make a decision. She believes her refusal strained her relationship with the governor.

“I am always determined to stand for what it is that I believe is right based on my position as to having [to] make law enforcement decisions. And I make them irrespective of anything as far as who the people are or whatever political influence or power they may have,” George stated.

Bryan, in a separate deposition, denied giving Epstein special treatment. He stressed attracting wealthy individuals to the Virgin Islands was for more job opportunities.

Epstein’s companies received tax breaks from the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority for almost two decades. Bryan previously led this authority.

Epstein’s Involvement in Sex Trafficking

Bryan acknowledged Epstein’s sex-related conviction but argued it was unrelated to his business, not affecting his tax breaks. “Whatever he settled with Florida was good for us,” Bryan stated.

In another deposition, Frazer mentioned that Epstein was identified as an “international financier.”

His frequent business travel led to the waiver issuance. Frazer believed the waiver did not aid Epstein’s involvement in sex trafficking.

Many Find His Suicide Implausible

These depositions made public recently, were part of a case involving the Virgin Islands and JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Both parties accused each other of aiding Epstein’s illegal activities, which federal officials say included sex trafficking of minors.

Jeffrey Epstein, owner of two Virgin Islands islands, died in New York in 2019 while awaiting trial. Although ruled a suicide by a medical examiner, many find the findings implausible.

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