The Love of His Life Told Him That She Was Pregnant… It Simply Wasn’t Possible Because He’s a Trans Man

This is the story of Patrick, a twenty-nine-year-old man who had already conquered numerous battles and emerged victorious. You see, Patrick was not just any ordinary man; he was a transgender man, having had both top and bottom surgeries at the tender age of twenty-three. Patrick’s story, however, is not just about his gender transition but also about an unexpected and bewildering twist that life threw at him when he least expected it.

His Journey as a Trans Man Was Challenging

Patrick’s journey as a trans man was challenging, marked by trials and tribulations that most people would find difficult to comprehend. But he was resilient. He held his head high, put on his armor, and faced each battle. 

His perseverance paid off when two years post his surgeries, he met his then-girlfriend. She was a year younger than Patrick and seemed mature and understanding for her age.

Being a firm believer in honesty, Patrick shared his truth with her right at the onset of their relationship. He told her about his gender transition and what it involved.

She accepted his truth with an open heart, assuring him that it didn’t affect her feelings for him one bit. Patrick was overjoyed. 

They Fell in Love

So began their journey as a couple, filled with love, respect, and open communication. Over the span of three years, they built a strong bond grounded in mutual understanding and compatibility. 

Their sex life was great, they rarely fought, and their relationship, by all accounts, seemed perfect. Children were not part of their plans.

As they rolled into the year, Patrick noticed a change in his girlfriend’s behavior. She seemed distant and secretive like she was hiding something from him.

But considering the strength of their relationship, Patrick didn’t think much of it. He didn’t see any red flags that could threaten their relationship, so he decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

His Girlfriend Was Pregnant

One fateful day, however, completely shattered Patrick’s sense of security. It started as a routine day, with Patrick returning home from work to find his girlfriend waiting for him.

Her nervous smile and anxious demeanor were immediate giveaways that she was hiding something. She suggested they needed to talk. 

At that moment, Patrick’s heart sank, fearing that a breakup was imminent.

But what she revealed next was far more shocking than a breakup. His girlfriend pulled out a pregnancy test, and it was positive! Patrick’s initial reaction was one of pure disbelief, followed by a rush of excitement. 

How Could That Be?

But his excitement quickly evaporated as he remembered the biological impossibility of him fathering a child! His transition had rendered him unable to conceive, a fact well-known to his girlfriend.

The look on his girlfriend’s face as he confronted her with this reality, confirmed his worst fears. She had cheated on him. He was not the father.

What followed was a heated argument, with Patrick’s world crumbling around him. His trust was gone, his heart was broken, and his relationship was in ruins.

In the heat of the moment, Patrick kicked his girlfriend out, demanded his spare key back, and blocked her from all means of communication.

“It’s Amazing How Dumb Some People Can Be”

The love and trust that they had built over three years evaporated within minutes. Patrick was left alone, dealing with the hurtful reality of his girlfriend’s betrayal.

Betrayed and hurting, Patrick was in a storm of emotions. Luckily the Reddit community was there for him. They offered their well wishes and sympathies, and the overwhelming sentiment was that his ex-girlfriend was ignorant. 

One user said, “Sorry you had to go through this, OP. It’s amazing how dumb some people can be. You definitely dodged a bullet.

It sounds like she would have done this to any man, which is reproductive fraud and makes her just generally a terrible person.”

Has someone you trusted ever let you down? How did you manage to overcome the situation?

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