The Lunchbox Thief Nearly Died of Anaphylactic Shock – Stealing Never Ends Well…

A distraught young woman stirred up Redditors recently when she shared the harrowing tale of how she nearly killed a coworker. The full story that follows is full of finger-pointing and misunderstandings. Buckle up!

She Had a Penchant for Peanut Sauce

OP is a young woman who works a pretty standard day job in an office setting. Some nights, she helps her friend in her Thai restaurant.

One of the Thai chef’s specialties is a peanut sauce that OP just can’t get enough of even though she’s very picky about what she eats. After some well-placed begging, she convinced the chef to share the recipe.

OP was able to make the peanut sauce well enough at home to satisfy her tastes, so she has it occasionally. She pours it over noodles or stir fry and takes it to her day job for lunch about once a week.

One of the things that OP loves is the rich peanut smell, which really gets her juices flowing.

Her Packed Lunch Kept Disappearing

The company has recently hired a new group of employees, and OP has noticed that her lunches started disappearing. She didn’t have any proof other than her food was gone.

Sometimes, OP would open her lunch box to find certain items missing, and other times, the whole lunch would be gone.

On one recent Thursday, OP took noodles covered with her special peanut sauce for her lunch. But when she went to the fridge at lunch, the entire Tupperware container was gone.

OP was upset, but one of her friends shared a pizza with her, so at least she didn’t go hungry.

She Was Wrongly Accused of Trying to Poison Her Colleagues

A few days later, after the weekend, OP’s boss called her into his office and accused her of trying to poison other members of the staff.

It seems that the boss’s daughter, who was one of the new employees, had “borrowed” OP’s noodles and went into anaphylactic shock. She was severely allergic to nuts, which the girl and her dad already knew.

Luckily, the girl had an epi pen and was able to use it, but she still ended up hospitalized and struggling to breathe. OP’s boss demanded that she pay for his daughter’s bills.

OP told her boss that the idea she should have to pay was ridiculous. His daughter stole her lunch. It wasn’t like OP deliberately fed nuts to someone with an allergy.

Being a Thief Never Pays Off

But now the boss is being hateful about the whole thing and has told OP’s coworkers about the incident. Some of them witnessed for themselves and are giving OP mean glances and throwing snide remarks.

OP’s friend has already offered her a full-time job at her restaurant, but OP doesn’t feel like she should have to quit for a mistake that wasn’t hers.

But OP also feels kind of bad that the boss’s daughter had such a bad reaction. She could have died, which would have been on OP’s conscience forever.

Reddit commenters understand why OP feels bad for what happened to the boss’s daughter, but they remind her that she didn’t do anything wrong. 

It’s Not Her Fault

It was the girl who put herself in danger, they say, especially considering that she should have been able to smell the peanuts as soon as she opened the container.

Many Redditors encourage OP to go to HR right away to get her side of the story on record, which she replied she intends to do.

Some tell her she should just cut bait and go work for her friend.

What Do You Think of Her Predicament?

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP wrong for not labeling her food, or does all the blame fall on the girl who stole her lunch?

And do you think she should try to salvage her job or just move on?

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