The Office Newbie Kicked Off Because She Couldn’t Share Their Lunch… And That’s After She Stole Their Chicken Nuggets! What Do You Think?

A young woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she refused to share her food with a coworker. But there was an element of payback to her decision that had the entire office in an uproar. Here is her full story.

They Had a Lovely Company Lunch Together

OP is a 25-year-old woman who works at a media house. She recently had a run-in with one of her colleagues, a 29-year-old woman.

The problems all started one day when OP’s boss decided to order lunch for the whole company. Most of the workers in the office are vegetarian, so there weren’t many options that had meat in them.

OP’s coworker is not a vegetarian, and she swooped in as soon as the food was delivered. She grabbed all 3 boxes of chicken nuggets, each of them containing 9 pieces.

OP thinks she even saw the other woman scoop some of the non-vegetarian food into her purse.

But the Newbie to the Office Wouldn’t Share

On her way back to her desk from grabbing some food for herself, OP noticed the hoard of nuggets at her coworker’s desk. When OP asked if she could have a nugget, the other woman wrapped her arms around the food and screamed, “NO!”.

OP retreated, but she noticed the same thing happened to a few of her other coworkers.

A few days later, OP decided to arrange lunch for her coworkers to be delivered from a local Chinese restaurant. There weren’t many people in the office that day, so she took individual orders.

But OP purposely excluded the chicken nugget thief from her order to the restaurant.

So They Had Another Lunch Without Her

When the food arrived, OP and her coworkers gathered around the break room table and started eating. Not long after that, the coworker who had pilfered all the nuggets at the earlier meal showed up.

The newcomer sat down with the rest of her colleagues and started making small talk. But when she reached for a plate to serve herself, OP told her that she couldn’t have any.

OP’s coworker was shocked to hear she wasn’t welcome to the food and asked why. OP told her that she and the others had ordered for themselves, and there wasn’t enough to share.

The nugget bandit slammed her plate back down on the table and stormed off. OP saw her eating alone later on, and she didn’t talk to anyone the rest of the day.

Did They Put the Newbie in Her Place, or Were They Just Mean Girls?

OP and her coworkers talked about the incident after their uninvited guest left the break room. OP’s colleagues were split in their opinions.

Half of them said that OP rightly put the other woman in her place. But the other half thought she was too harsh and that they should have shared their food.

But OP says that her coworkers could have spoken up if they had a problem with how she handled the situation. They could have even offered up some of their food.

OP also thinks that she might have a case to go to HR. Her coworker threw a fit over food a couple of times, and she even slammed a plate down on the table. OP says it’s right on the verge of creating a hostile workplace.

“The Woman Had It Coming”

Reddit commenters are a bit divided on this one. A lot of them think that OP was justified in denying her coworker a spot at the table. They say the other woman had it coming.

A few Redditors think that OP was pretty mean, even though they agree that her coworker set the whole thing in motion.

Still others think that OP should have talked through the situation one-on-one with her coworker rather than making a scene.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP too harsh with her coworker?

Or do you think OP was right not to allow the other woman to eat with the group? Did she get her point across?

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